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Awakening” boldly investigates the steps that heroic people everywhere are taking to meet the effects of the current economic and social crisis in daily life. These dynamic role models are feeding the homeless, retrieving parents from nursing homes, growing their own food, creating community, radically forgiving, and discovering the miraculous. The Western American author Louis Lamour has said that “There will come a time when you think that everything is ending. But that will be the beginning.” “Awakening” is about that planetary beginning.

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A three-part series on Homeless Feeding in America. Three compelling humanitarians reveal what is necessary to create successful urban homeless feeding projects - starting with no budget, few helpers and a burgeoning, critical need.

“Downtown L.A. Homeless
Feeding Project ” an interview with
Ms Roshan Motivala

Roshan MotivalaWhen Ms. Roshan Motivala's physician father started popular youth service projects in India, she could not have known then that she would carry the family legacy of selfless service to Los Angeles. "Love is the acid that dissolves all differences," said Dr. Kolah, her father, and Roshan has kept this saying in mind while serving food to the homeless in downtown L.A. for over thirty years with her little band of dependable, devoted friends. What are the secrets to her vision, effectiveness and unstoppable cheerfulness? Find out in this interview!

Topics: A remarkable father * Serving Bombay youth * Starting the downtown LA feeding project * Mentors and Teachers * The weekly process * Characteristics of success *
Listen to Downtown LA Homeless Feeding Project

Copyright 2008, Connie B. Shaw Length: 27:49
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“Feeding the Hungry in Alaska ” an interview with Jane Trainor

Jane TrainorJane Trainor, Alaskan healer, colonic therapist and humanitarian, could not have known how her life would evolve when she decided to live in the bush with her new  husband - hunting, fishing and trapping in sub-zero temps among bear and wolves. Learn how she has successfully created a much-needed and most welcome free service fueled by intense love and interfaith leadership skills that have made the Fairbanks feeding project a noteworthy model.

Topics: Fairbanks soup kitchen * Epiphany in India * Human Values Club * Weekly feeding routine * National grocery & restaurant chains donate food * Alaska's darkness and climate * Alcoholism / drugs / depression / domestic violence * Summer in Alaska * Homelessness / isolation * Benefits of helping for servers & receivers * Jane's daily renewal * Love and faith * selfless service is the key * Faith and funding * public speaking * Elements of a successful project * Breaking the cycle of hunger * Avoiding politics * Extending friendship Listen to Feeding the Hungry in Alaska

Copyright 2008, Connie B. Shaw Length: 30:58
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“The Silent Tsunami - Weld Food Bank Addresses Community Hunger"
An interview with Leona Martens

Jane TrainorLeona Martens, of Greeley, Colorado, brings a wealth of administrative and leadership experience to her current position as Executive Director of the Weld Food Bank,the distribution center for many many agencies in Weld County, Colorado . In this interview she shares her Weld Food Bank experiences, tells about how a food bank works and about its role in the community.

The two necessary qualities * Strong core in belief, mission, operation * Respectfulness * Types of services * Core programs,  non-profits, agencies, church pantries, shelters, soup kitchens, day care centers, Meals on Wheels, Back-Pack programs, emergency kitchen * New national grocery store food programs * Transportation network * Food safety training * Sorting training * Agency training *  Vulnerable client recipients * We do food * The Weld Food Bank * Feeding America Network * Nationwide Food Banks * Expansion of new kitchen * Contact info * Source of funds * The newly hungry * A caring community *Listen to The Silent Tsunami - Weld Food Bank Adresses Community Hunger

Copyright 2009, Connie B. Shaw Length: 28:10
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“Feeding the Hungry Homeless in Colorado Springs”
An interview with Kathy Feldenkreis

Kathy & Howard Kathy and Howard Feldenkreis of Colorado Springs, Colorado, are successful, dynamic business people who have spearheaded, with a half-dozen friends, a model weekly homeless feeding project for the past six years. They dispense cooked food, humor and friendliness and warm, new clothes in harsh winter months. They serve year-round and vary the menu offerings according to the season and the need.

Topics: Saturday service * Essential qualities of the servers * Menu and treats * Incorporating the pets of the homeless * High standards, fresh, best food * Rehabilitated recipients *Shelters * Trends * Appreciation expressed *Listen to Feeding the Hungry Homeless in Colorado Springs

Copyright 2009, Connie B. Shaw Length: 31:06
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