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Connie B. Shaw of Johnstown, Colorado, USA, is an author, speaker and media personality, empowerment coach, communications specialist, visionary and workshop facilitator. She has served thousands of individuals and a hundred organizations for over thirty years in eleven countries.     (more...)

New to coaching?

  • Coaching is usually done via Skype video or over the phone. Quantum Gazing is only available for groups, not individuals.

Connie's Recent Consciousness-Shifting Work

Connie and her team did Matrix Energetics for 750 people in Malaysia and India. Connie's talks and seminars have assisted thousands in fifteen countries to alleviate physical, mental, emotional and financial suffering. She says, "I am not the Doer - just a very enthusiastic instrument for His surprising miracles."

Recent Quantum-field Transformational Seminars Attended by Connie B. Shaw

  • MATRIX ENERGETICS SEMINARS: Levels 1, 2, 3, 4 and Practitioner Training. Connie is a Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner
  • MARK DUNN CONSCIOUS SYSTEMS SEMINARS: Body Awareness 1 & 2, Consciousness Tool Kit, Advanced Day with Mark Dunn
  • ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS SEMINAR: Access Bars - Mastering working the head points and the "bars" or energy lines on the head to effect beneficial change in health, relationships, abundance and creativity

Unique Benefits of Coaching with Connie Shaw

  • Connie’s laser-like insights will astound and delight you. Once you’ve experienced her, you’ll be hooked. Connie is described by others as “a person who won’t tell you what you want to hear. The world is full of people like that. Rarer by far is the empowerment coach who will assess your potential, capacity, desire for attainment, ability to hear the truth, and who will firmly yet tactfully show you how you have created your problems and how to cease doing that. She asks stunning, penetrating questions that can leave you gasping, laughing and resolved to accept her challenge to unwrap your gifts and shower them generously while you still have the time, will and health to do so.” 

  • Others have said, in various ways, “It’s an honor to know and to work with her, the main reason being that she has such a Big View of Life, but not in the mundane sense of most coaches and mentors. She can sense where you’ve been and where we all are inevitably going, on a grander, planetary scale. If there’s a space for you, sign up!”

  • She can, with client cooperation, elicit the will, intent, focus, follow- through and dedication to task which success in any life area demands.

  • She is a highly sensitive visionary and incisive thinker who listens well and reads client vibrations. Connie can zero in on the emotions, fears and patterns which cause you to hurt yourself, inhibit movement forward, continue in unsatisfying fantasies or relationships, or otherwise thwart your progress.

  • She is an excellent communicator and coach who continually sets the bar higher on her own life and who has scores of successes to her credit in all life areas.

  • She can direct you to articles, CD’s, DVD’s, books, courses and websites that will speed your progress.

  • She helps clients see themselves in a larger context in these fast-changing times and in the spaciousness of humanity’s current rapid unfoldment into higher consciousness.

  • She helps clients meet and exceed the goals they set and to regularly assess the suitability of the goals and progress toward meeting them. Her work is client-directed, client-controlled.

  • Ms. Shaw has successfully worked with people of many nationalities, races, and spiritual orientations, as well as with leaders in medicine, business, government, academia, the clergy and industry. She is bright, adaptable and approachable.

  • She is dedicated to her own path of spirituality and integrity, has a spiritual teacher and has a life coach. Her disciplines have included over twenty-five years studying Advaita and A Course in Miracles; meditation; a life-time of humanitarian service; the gratis leading of forty-four groups of ill people to visit world-famous healers in other countries and to feed the poor there, including lepers and the homeless.

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