Connie B. Shaw, communications specialist, is owner and manager of Harmony Farm Retreat Center, is an international speaker, author, visionary, workshop facilitator, healing facilitator, humanitarian and counselor. She is a TV and radio media guest and is active in community service for the poor and non-literate in the U.S., India and Africa.

Ms. Shaw teaches classes in conflict resolution, relationship communications, prosperity-consciousness and spiritual awareness. She has traveled in 56 countries and has conducted lectures, workshops and/or healing work in Canada, the U.S., Italy, Mexico, India, Nepal, Singapore, Brazil and Hungary.

After graduating from James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia, and embarking on graduate work in transpersonal psychology, she began to do coaching and counseling and to conduct communications workshops in Italy and Colorado. Her interest in healing began when she lived in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and studied the work of the famed teacher, healer and Bible scholar, Edgar Cayce, then carried her to scores of countries, where she has visited, studied with, interviewed and written about some of the world’s most well-known healers and spiritual teachers, including John of God in Brazil, Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Ramesh Balsekar in India; Sri Amritanandamayi and Devi Amma, also of India; Vishwananda of Germany; Gangaji, Wayne Liquorman and John Sherman of the U.S.; Bharosa Adhikari in Nepal.

She has provided consulting work for over one hundred organizations, including corporations, banks, universities, government agencies, Native American reservations, schools, the U.S. Army, the U.S. Air Force Finance and Accounting Center, Coors, the Y.W.C.A., the Air Force Academy, Martin Marietta, Ball Corporation, numerous art museums and hospitals.

Having long been an advocate of selfless service as an invaluable avenue to growth, humility and cultural understanding, Connie has fed lepers in India, has tutored Chinese-American immigrants, is a Twilight Brigade Hospice volunteer, visits shut-ins, has been a Rotarian, supports the Weld County Food Bank, counsels abused women and takes sick people to India for healings.

When asked, as a media guest, about some of her favorite community service projects, she laughs and says that she has been volunteering since she was a young student and shudders to think of the many mistakes she made due to lack of awareness and inexperience. “But we learn by doing and by venturing into new areas to test our book-knowledge and theories and to grow through making mistakes. Hopefully we’ll make different mistakes in each growth cycle because that’s how we develop wisdom and compassion – for ourselves and others. Life is a great adventure and there’s nothing to limit our maximal expressions of love, creativity, forgiveness and harmonious relationships – except our erroneous thinking patterns, which can easily be changed with proper instruction and practice.

Connie Shaw’s books include:

“Wake Up Laughing: My Miraculous Life with Sai Baba”

“Precious Child: Loving Re-parenting” (Also on CD)

"You Are the Gift" (Also on CD)

Her CD’s include:

CD: “Wake Up Laughing Sampler”

CD: “Riding the Currents of Kundalini: Surviving Your Samadhi Activation”

Her Podcasts cover topics on relationships, career and life goals and interfaith spirituality (see the podcast section of this site):

  • Relationships
  • “Getting Free by Making Amends”
  • “Personal Boundaries: Danger Signals and How to Recover Your Power”
  • Career/Life Goals
  • “ Battery Charge: Energizing Your Relationship with Your Life Coach”
  • Interfaith Spirituality
  • “Seeking the Inner Beloved: An Interfaith Spiritual Podcast”
  • “Surviving Kundalini Activation”

Ms. Shaw can be contacted for lectures, workshops or appointments by email at info@connieshaw.com or by mail to Ms. Connie Shaw, President, OM Productions, Inc., P.O. Box 548, Johnstown, CO 80534 USA


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