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Mother Mary
Shelter in Times of Crisis

Awakening” boldly investigates the steps that heroic people everywhere are taking to meet the effects of the current economic and social crisis in daily life. These dynamic role models are feeding the homeless, retrieving parents from nursing homes, growing their own food, creating community, radically forgiving, and discovering the miraculous. The Western American author Louis Lamour has said that “There will come a time when you think that everything is ending. But that will be the beginning.” “Awakening” is about that planetary beginning.

      Eldercare: In-home Parent Care (here)
      Gifted Healers (here)
      Selfless Service: Feeding the Needy (here)
      Spiritually Speaking (here)


Mary's Rules and Tools
for Effective Living
An interview with Virginia Virgil

Virginia VirgilVirginia Virgil of Rumney, N.H., is a Marian messenger, speaker, spiritual teacher and intuitive counselor. She teaches a class in the lifelong learning program that is affiliated with Dartmouth College and gives Life Purpose telephone readings utilizing Mother Mary’s wisdom and guidance specific to each client caller.

Topics: The Four Types of Worldly Love: Romantic, Material, Sexual, Sentimental * Unconditional   Love – What it Is * The Gifts of God * The Two Inner Mentors * Seven Major Cosmic Laws *   Implementation of the Laws * America – An Adolescent Nation * The USA: Future Beacon of Light * America – Successful Potpourri * Spirit of Cooperation * A Period of Cleansing * Sacredness of Life, Relationship, Family, Community * Life Purpose Readings on Karma, Hope and Moving Forward * Service as Gratitude to God * Applying the Teachings * The Mature Cycle of Personal Evolution.Listen to Mary's Rules and Tools for Effective Living

Copyright 2009, Connie B. Shaw Length: 31:37

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Working with Mother Mary
and the Angels
An interview with Suzanne Shaw - Part 1

Suzanne Shaw of Danville, Indiana is a medical intuitive, a Marian visionary and an intuitive life-coach. Her experiences with Mary, Ascended Masters and angels began when she was four years old and continue today. Her early life was filled with loss, upheaval, illness, attack and trauma. Her relationship with Mary and the saints and Masters helped her to develop forgiveness, non-judgment, persistence and to let go of control. Her wisdom is a comfort and light to many.

Topics:  Visionary, Not a Channel * Grandmother Gusty and the Photo Drawer * Secret Life with Mary * Trauma, Loss and Upheaval * Trust and Faith * Surrender * A Remarkable Life.Listen to Part 1, "Mother Mary - Shelter in Times of Crisis"

Copyright 2008, Connie B. Shaw Length: 29:33
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Working with Mother Mary
and the Angels
An interview with Suzanne Shaw - Part 2

Suzanne shares fascinating information on preparations for coming events and Information about the earthquake devastations in the New Madrid Fault area during and after 1812.

Topics: Some Contemporary Marian Visionaries * An Urgent Message from Mother Mary * More Masters Join Mary to Help Suzanne * Awareness * Spiritual Life * How to Prepare for Times of Crisis * The New Madrid Fault Threat * Power Plants / Radiation.Listen to Part 2, "Mother Mary - Shelter in Times of Crisis"

Copyright 2008, Connie B. Shaw Length: 25:31
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Mother Mary's Miracles in Prescott, AZ
An interview with Paz Macaballug

PazMs. Paz Macaballug (Mah cah BALL oog), a Phillipina governess for a Prescott, Arizona family has had apparitions of Mother Mary and has received the gift of healing from Jesus in a dream. She has experienced numerous miracles and blessings from Jesus, Mother Mary and angels.

Sacred Heart Church, Prescott AZ

Paz talks about and worships at the National Pilgrimage Site: Sacred Heart Church, 150 Fleury Ave., Prescott, AZ Ph. (928) 445-3141 More information here.

Topics: Mary Comes in Disguise as An Indian * Sister Nena’s Cancer Healing * The Floating Rosary and Cascading Rose Petals * Two Healings By Paz * Willing to Heal * Frost Etchings on the Windows * Jesus and Mary Appear in the House * Mary’s Five Requests * Some Prominent Marian Visionaries * Resources * Create a Daily Holy Hour * Angelic Alarm Clock * Some Well-known Shrines and Marian Pilgrimage Sites * Love Each Other * The Healing Spring in the Cornfield *.Listen to Revelations of a Phillipine Visionary

Copyright 2008, Connie B. Shaw Length: 30:01
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Mary’s Lullaby, Messages and Manifestations
An interview with Claire Papin

Claire PapinClaire Papin, journalist, media specialist and visionary from Loveland, Colorado, tells of the significance of these times of personal and planetary crisis and reveals miracles and manifestations by Mary. She sings the song given to her by Mother Mary, known as “Mary’s Lullaby” and reveals how Mary has guided her in her life and work.

Topics: Climate, economic and planetary changes * How the manifestations started * Mary’s Lullaby * Inner peace reminder * Author Annie Kirkwood’s book ‘Mary’s Message to the World * Events at Joe Poole Lake, Dallas * Marble Falls event * The Lullaby’s Protection * Mary’s appearance to Connie at the Spiritual Unity of the Tribes Gathering * Prayer as refuge * Where there is hope…* Peace will stand.Listen to Part 2, "Mother Mary - Shelter in Times of Crisis"

Copyright 2008, Connie B. Shaw Length: 26:26
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Stories of Mary's Miracles
An interview with Claire Papin

Topics: Miraculous medal dream * Mother’s gift * The recording studio * Steve in the wheelchair * St. Catherine and the miraculous medal * Bubonic plague * Malibu dejas vu * “Claire medal-seed” *Steve’s experience * Association of the miraculous medal ( that's ORG) * The moving flower and the Mary statue * The changeable glass heart * Early life and visions * Back to the heart * The heart’s intelligence and guidance * Your potential service project: being a miraculous medal “planter.”Listen to Part 2, "Mother Mary - Shelter in Times of Crisis"

Copyright 2008, Connie B. Shaw Length: 29:34
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