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Virginia Virgil of Rumney, N.H., is a Marian messenger, speaker, spiritual teacher and intuitive counselor. She teaches a class in the lifelong learning program that is affiliated with Dartmouth College and gives Life Purpose telephone readings utilizing Mother Mary’s wisdom and guidance specific to each client caller.

A Holiday Message From Mother Mary - 2009

Mother Mary’s message for 2009 focuses on the role that government is meant to play from a spiritual point of view. The Institution of Government is affiliated with the first of the Seven Cosmic Laws that are intended to govern life on Earth. The first Law – that of Embodiment - states that our purpose for being is to expand God’s Light and Love on Earth through completing a Divine Embodiment Plan of spiritual growth and service, followed by ascension back home to God. As a result, spiritually adhering to this Law requires government to be composed of democratically elected representatives, who are meant to carry out the Will of God in activities that advance the spiritual progress of the people and the nation. 

Since the soundness of the foundation of a democracy depends upon the health and welfare of its citizens, the focus of government therefore should be to enhance and preserve both. All three branches of government - legislative, executive and judicial - should work together for the spiritual good of its citizens and their nation in unity, harmony and cooperation devoid of partisan politics or personal interests. The job of the elected officials is to initiate, enact and oversee legislation that will advance the cause of lasting peace. They are also meant to protect and preserve the environment and our natural resources, and to establish humanitarian practices in the areas of science, education, business, law, and art, which will benefit and enhance the health and welfare of the nation.  This will produce a climate that encourages and allows all citizens to pursue their divine destiny course of spiritual growth and service.

The founding fathers of the United States laid the foundation for this spiritually oriented type of government.  They chose to put aside their own vested interests and those of the states they represented in order to establish a republic of United States that would be “one nation under God (note that no specific religion was mentioned) indivisible with justice and liberty for all.” Their selflessness of purpose allowed them to be divinely inspired and guided as they framed the wording of the documents that govern the citizenry of our country. The principles embodied in these “sacred texts,” are closely attuned to those contained in the Seven Cosmic Laws that govern life on Earth.

The word democracy is Greek in origin. Since demos means people and kraitos authority, a democratic form of government is meant to manifest the will or authority of the people that, in turn, reflects either spiritual or nonspiritual principles. The United States has certainly been a nation that has displayed both tendencies. No where is the struggle between the two philosophies more evident than today. The “American Dream” has long been based on achieving a physical sense of well-being through acquiring material plenty. However, when success is measured solely in terms of money, its acquisition along with the status it provides, and the personal power it allows one to wield, becomes all-consuming. Ruthless competition, greed and selfishness prevail along with a disregard and disdain for national interests and the welfare of the public.

The adoption of these attitudes and practices has infiltrated and adversely influenced the democratic process in the political arena as well, resulting in the election of numerous self-serving office holders on local, state and national levels. Many politicians’ primary purpose in running for office is to acquire political power and status, which they then use to further their own interests and the special interests of the groups who financed their campaigns. Consequently, many of our elected representatives no longer represent “we the people” the way the founders of our nation intended. Instead many officials that govern the executive, judicial and legislative branches of our government have chosen to support and promote the interests of Wall Street over those of Main Street.

The promise of the benefits “Trickle-down Economics” was meant to deliver to the middle class has failed to materialize. Affordable housing, education and health coverage are more and more out of reach of Main Street, as are jobs that can pay for them. Instead, there has been an upward flow of wealth and power to a few at the top. The result has been a steady erosion of the economic and social well-being of the middle class, upon which the continued strength and health of a democracy depends.

However, a more educated and involved public has awakened to this shift in the balance of economic power and is demanding a change in attitude on the part of our government. Citizens are insisting that their interests and rights be taken into account by elected officials, instead of favoring and supporting only those of corporate and other special interest groups. The legacy and gift of this administration has been to galvanize citizens into political action - to stand up for their rights and interests by making their voices and choices heard and heeded at the ballot box. “We, the people” are taking our government back, and using our vote to put into office those who promise to make it a priority to safeguard the health and welfare of our nation and its citizens as our forefathers intended.

Throughout our history, the American public has chosen to elect several outstanding presidents who have served as spiritual beacons of light. Prompted by a sense of humanitarianism, these individuals served the causes of peace, the environment, and those that improved and enhanced the over-all health and welfare of the public at large. We owe much to the selfless dedication of two of the founding fathers of our country, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Their devoted and tireless efforts helped to create an enduring democracy that would ensure future generations of Americans the right to pursue “life, liberty and happiness” in accordance with their free-will choice. Abraham Lincoln, the great humanitarian president who wrote the divinely inspired “Gettysburg Address,” played an instrumental role in abolishing slavery, and in re-uniting a bitterly divided North and South. 

Teddy Roosevelt was also dedicated to serving the public's interest. The Pure Food and Drug Act, which prohibited the manufacture and sale of adulterated foods, and the Meat Inspection Act, are two of his legacies. Often against congressional will, this latter-day environmentalist did much to conserve our nation's natural resources by putting millions of acres of forests and mineral lands into national preserves to protect them against private exploitation. President Woodrow Wilson worked hard to establish a League of Nations that was intended to maintain world peace after World War I. A man ahead of his time, Wilson's dream never fully materialized in his lifetime. However, the peace seed he planted did bear fruit when the United Nations was founded after World War II. 

Franklin D. Roosevelt was another great philanthropic light who was elected president at a time when America faced her greatest crisis since the Civil War. His unswerving self-confidence and hope provided the inspirational leadership that was needed to help pull millions of “ill-clad, ill-fed, ill-nourished” Americans out of the doldrums of despair and hopelessness that the Great Depression had created.  Noted for saying that “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” Roosevelt embraced the interests of the “forgotten man in his humanitarian “New Deal.” He promised to help the nation recover by getting Congress to enact legislation that would effect social and business reform in the national interest.

President John Kennedy was divinely inspired to found the Peace Corps, which helped to rekindle the spirit of altruism among many of those who volunteered to serve. Their work helped to evoke a spirit of philanthropy among the American public by bringing to its attention the need to relieve the deprivation and suffering experienced by the majority of the populations of the Third World nations. “Care” and “Save the Children” are two nonprofit organizations devoted to helping this cause. Kennedy's statement, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country,” also helped to motivate many people to serve America more selflessly in such projects as VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America). Since leaving office, President Jimmy Carter has unstintingly given his time and energy to “Habitat for Humanity,” a nonprofit organization that builds houses for low-income families through volunteer efforts. President Bill Clinton founded AmeriCorps, which is operated by paid volunteers, who provide a variety of services to the needy in exchange for being given an opportunity to earn money for college tuition.

The roots of this spirit of volunteerism and a sense of community can be traced to colonial times when neighbors routinely got together to help one another in quilting bees and barn raisings.  In addition, our multi-ethnic background has made us sympathetic to the plight and causes of the countries of our ancestral origins. Since volunteerism has always been an inherent part of the fabric of American society, the momentum of this altruistic movement has continued to grow and expand throughout our history.  The proliferation of charitable causes attests to the American people's overwhelming endorsement of humanitarianism. Volunteerism plays such an important role in American life that President Clinton appointed retired General Colin Powell to oversee it on a national level. 

Public participation in furthering the welfare and interests is evident in many areas of government that affect and impact the well-being of our nation and its citizens. The issues of health, peace and the environment are becoming more and more important in the public's mind, which has helped to shape government-initiated policies in these areas. Thanks to Ralph Nader’s tireless efforts to get Congress to pass legislation involving product liability, corporations are being held accountable to the public for the products their companies produce. As a result, automobiles are safer, as are children's toys and clothing. The rising interest in attaining and maintaining good health has caused the public to become much more aware of what they consume in the way of food and drugs. Public pressure resulted in legislation that requires manufacturers to list the contents of their products on the labels and to include warnings with medical prescriptions regarding any adverse effects that people might experience. 

Due to the public interest and demand in preserving our natural resources, all kinds of legislation have been passed to safeguard and protect them. Pollution of the environment is no longer acceptable to the public.  People are demanding that the government take measures to ensure clean air and water and to stop contamination of the soil with poisonous chemicals and atomic testing.  The desire to maintain peace has also assumed a more prominent place in the public's eye. Many people felt that the Vietnam War was a senseless cause, including those who fought in it. As a result, a large segment of the American public became disillusioned with war, seeing it only in terms of the death, devastation and destruction it wrought on both sides. Since that time, there has been a growing sentiment among Americans to resolve issues through peaceful, diplomatic means, rather than through military might. The opposition to the Iraqi War attests to this shift in thinking.

In addition, the voices of the disenfranchised have spoken up and out as well, demanding that they, too, have a constitutional right to pursue life, liberty and happiness. Affirmative action has done much to protect and advance the cause of women and minorities.  Equal opportunity has opened many educational and employment doors that had been closed to them in the past. The statement, “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all people are created equal in the eyes of God,” is finally beginning to embrace a much larger part of our population, rather than just the white, “straight” male segment.

All of these changes in government are preparing the United States and her citizens to play their intended spiritual roles. There is a growing desire among many people to express their spiritual function and purpose.  As this movement gains in momentum, the will of the people will reflect a greater and greater spiritual orientation, as will the officials they elect. Instead of having a government composed of politicians who represent mainly the vested interests of the rich and powerful, we will have a government composed of officials who are dedicated to reflecting the will of the people and are committed to preserving peace, the environment, and adopting healthy lifestyles.
Mother Mary wishes you a happy holiday season filled with caring, sharing, giving and love, along with hope for a brighter future in which a global spirit of unity, harmony and cooperation prevail.

P.S. The election of Barack Obama is an important historical event and spiritual milestone. If you were not aware of it, he is a re-incarnation of Abraham Lincoln, who  has come back to finish the service he was meant to perform – to heal the divisiveness that keeps us from working together in unity, harmony and cooperation.

President-elect Obama chose to be bi-racial to help us accept and embrace our diversity, which is the backbone of our strength, and to test our willingness to put our love of country first, regardless of our political persuasion. Overcoming and transcending the stereotypical racial barriers and prejudices that have divided rather than unified us will help America to be the beacon of light to the rest of the world that God intended. 

The role that God has played in determining and shaping the destiny of the United States has been instrumental from the time of its birth. The United States has always acknowledged God as its overseer and protector. Many of the first immigrants who came to America did so to flee religious persecution.  They had been divinely inspired to live in a land where they could practice worshipping God the way they wanted.  As a result, the importance of the part played by God in the affairs of our nation always has been recognized, as has the sanctity of religious freedom and the separation of church and state.

The authors of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were divinely inspired, as was the wording of each document.  America was founded on the belief that "all men are created equal and have the inalienable God-given right to pursue life, liberty and happiness."  All of these factors were carefully orchestrated on a cosmic level before being executed on Earth. The roots of a spiritual foundation were planted two hundred years ago and are now on the verge of sprouting and flowering. Barack Obama is meant to play an instrumental role in helping to initiate the spiritual changes needed in government to bring this about.

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