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Virginia Virgil of Rumney, N.H., is a Marian messenger, speaker, spiritual teacher and intuitive counselor. She teaches a class in the lifelong learning program that is affiliated with Dartmouth College and gives Life Purpose telephone readings utilizing Mother Mary’s wisdom and guidance specific to each client caller.

A Holiday Message From Mother Mary - 2007

Mother Mary’s message for 2007 focuses on the need for us to stay spiritually centered and grounded in a world in which hostility, extremism, fear, intolerance and irrationality appear to be on the rise, and civility, moderation, faith, tolerance and reason seem to be in short supply. It’s a world in which compassion, selflessness, security and stability are being eclipsed by indifference, selfishness, uncertainty and turmoil. The extent of the economic, political, religious, social and environmental challenges we are facing on a personal, national and global level are intense and immense. Mother Mary assures us, however, that all we are undergoing has spiritual meaning and purpose. It is intended to help us as a civilization and as a planet to move into greater Light. Therefore, events are being set into motion that will help us to become aware of, face and overcome whatever is keeping us from manifesting our spiritual identity and purpose.

Our whole way of life will need to change; we can no longer avoid what we need to learn – it’s in our face as individuals, as nations, and as a global community.  The life experiences we will undergo are intended to show us where we are spiritually off base in the way we think, remember, feel and act. Hopefully, we will learn that loving and selfless use of our energy produces a positive or spiritual return on our investment, while self-centered, unloving use of our energy results in a negative or non-spiritual return, because it diminishes our Light and can also decrease that of its recipients.

Mother Mary reminds us that our purpose for being is intended to be solely spiritual in nature. We come to Earth to grow spiritually and to perform altruistic service that increases our Light, that of others and our Planet. Before each incarnation, we set up a plan with help from the Karmic Board regarding what we wish to accomplish in our spiritual growth and service. All of our life experiences are designed to help us achieve this goal. Free will, however, allows us to interpret and react to all that we undergo in a spiritual or non-spiritual way.

If we choose the spiritual approach to achieving a state of being centered and grounded, we will be able to sustain it, because we will perceive all that we undergo from a spiritual perspective. We will view our life experiences as spiritual tests and lessons, as opportunities to repay our karmic debts, and as chances to learn to interpret and respond to all that we go through in heart-connected and directed ways.  We will recognize that whatever we undergo is of our own choosing and not that of the “fickle finger of fate.” Instead, we are being given an opportunity to constructively recycle and re-qualify our present and past life misuse of energy. The intent is not to punish or hurt us, but to help us see the “wisdom” of living by the Golden Rule through experiencing the pain and suffering our unloving use of energy has caused others.

When we understand and accept these premises, we will realize that our life experiences are not meant to negatively define or undermine us; they are intended to help us address and transcend whatever is keeping us from going to the Light.  We will also be better able to accept responsibility for how we choose to use our energy and understand that we are accountable for the choices we make in accordance with the Law of Cause and Effect that states what we sow, inevitably we will reap ten times over. When we engage our energy in endeavors that add to our Light, it automatically benefits others and the planet, because it increases their Light as well.

If we choose the non-spiritual mode to achieving a state of being centered and grounded, we will find ourselves unable to sustain it because we will perceive all that we undergo from a perspective that lacks spiritual insight. We will view our life experiences as good when they go our way and bad when they do not, so our ability to stay centered and grounded will be short-lived. Only when life goes the way we need, want or think it should will we feel good about ourselves and others. When life fails to go our way, we will assume a victim stance, and experience disappointment, frustration and downheartedness – because our hope for a specific outcome has been dashed. When life repeatedly fails to meet our expectations, our feelings of negativity plunge us into a state of hopelessness and despair. Feeling victimized and defeated by life, we can lose all hope, believing we don’t deserve to attract or sustain good things. Our self-esteem plummets along with our ability to  stay centered  and grounded, which can only be righted if and when life starts to go our way again.

Letting go of the need to control everyone and everything is key to attaining and staying spiritually centered and grounded. Expending time and energy trying to make certain others use their energy the way we expect, demand or want them to is counterproductive. Whoever and whatever we are trying to control may or may not be willing or able to let us do so. Even if we are able to assert control over them, it cannot be sustained because everything and everyone is always undergoing change – nothing stays the same. We can only control how we interpret and react to all that we experience
based on the spiritual learning we chose to undertake before incarnating.

When we feel that we have been short-changed in our attributes, resources and talents and covet those of others, it also prevents us from achieving and sustaining our spiritual center and ground.  Each lifetime, we are endowed with the exact gifts we will need to advance our spiritual growth and enhance our ability to serve altruistically. So instead of seeing ourselves lacking and others as more fortunate in terms of the hand God has  dealt them, we need to develop and use the talents, skills and resources God has given us in ways that increase our Light and that of others.

Quid Pro Quo giving and receiving is another deterrentto attaining and maintaining our spiritual center and ground, which requires that we give and receive selflessly. We are able to do so because we know without any doubt or question that all we need to grow and serve spiritually will be provided by the God Within. However, when we give based on a need to receive a return on our investment, our ability to stay centered and balanced remains intact only as long as our expectations are met. We lose both, however, when uncertainty arises. Not getting enough of what we think we need, want or deserve mentally, emotionally or physically produces a latent sense of fear, doubt and anxiety, which in turn upsets our sense of balance and of being grounded.

A lack of gratitude hinders our ability to achieve and maintain our spiritual center and ground. Instead of being grateful for and satisfied with what we have, knowing that it is exactly what we need at that moment for our spiritual growth and service, we want something more or different. The result is a “half-full cup” mentality, keeping us in a state of dissatisfaction, deprivation and lack, always wanting more, needing more, demanding more and expecting more.

Projection also inhibits our ability to attain and sustain our spiritual ground and center. Doing so requires that we live in the moment, and allow the future to unfold knowing that whatever happens is meant to help us grow and serve spiritually. Instead, we often fret and worry about the future, wondering and wanting to know what it holds, and how we can shape and control it to ensure we will feel safe and secure.

Fear of differences encountered in others’ appearances, behavior, beliefs and personality traits that are foreign to us also curbs our ability to achieve and maintain our spiritual center and ground. Rather than perceive differences as ways people have chosen to evolve spiritually, we see them as threatening our welfare, which in turn, arouses feelings of prejudice, bigotry, hatred, anger, or fear. Being spiritually centered and grounded requires that we overlook external differences because we realize that ultimately we share the same Divine Energy, Identity, Purpose and Goals – regardless of our religious, ethnic, cultural, social and economic differences. This recognition helps us to work with others in greater unity, harmony and cooperation. It also increases our ability to experience oneness with all because we realize that we are all created from, composed of, as well as enlivened and sustained by the same Divine Energy, which can only be beautiful, pure, intelligent and good. Therefore, we are all spiritual equals and equally special in God’s Eyes.

The same lack of being spiritually centered and grounded also exists on a national level.  Since our government is meant to manifest the will of the people, it can reflect either spiritual or non-spiritual principles. The United States displays both tendencies. Nowhere is the struggle between the two philosophies more evident than today. Living in a society whose goal is to achieve the “American Dream” through acquiring a physical sense of well-being that material plenty provides has resulted in the election of many self-serving office holders on local, state and national levels. The primary purpose of a large number of politicians in running for office is to acquire political power and status, which they then use to further their own interests and the special interests of the groups financing their campaigns. Since corporate interests have taken precedence over those of our states, nation and the public’s health and welfare, our government – “the best that money can buy” – is currently serving the few at the top at the expense of the many.

On a global scale, the same premises apply in regard to being centered and grounded. Our beliefs and behavior as a civilization will determine whether we choose to manifest their spiritual or non-spiritual version.  Our choice will affect not only our future and fate, but that of our planet, because it will determine the way we treat one another, our planet and its resources.

For some, self-interest will continue to take precedence, and the acquisition of power, status and money will still be the name of the game and the road to fame. The belief that life is a one-time occurrence, and that its purpose is purely physical in nature, will compel many to continue  to pursue a self-indulgent materialistic lifestyle,  giving little or no thought to their use of energy – their own, that of others, or of the planet. They will continue to see Earth’s resources as infinite and give little thought to squandering and despoiling them to feed the ever-increasing, never-ending demands of a way of life that our planet cannot sustain. Staying centered and grounded will last only as long the ability to attain and enjoy the “good life” remains intact.

Yet there are also others who have achieved a state of being spiritually centered and grounded. They recognize that as a civilization and a planet, we have reached a crossroad - that Earth’s resources are finite and cannot be replenished at a rate fast enough to continue to fulfill the never-ending, ever-increasing demands of a consumer-based society. Nor can the elements continue to be exploited, manipulated and/or contaminated without suffering dire consequences. This group views our planet as a platform for us to live on and a schoolroom for spiritual growth and service. They recognize that Earth’s resources have been designed  to provide only what is needed to carry out God’s Plan, which is to use our energy and that of our planet solely in selfless endeavors that expand Divine Light and Love. Living by the Golden Rule and the Golden Mean is their concept of the “good life.”

All of the negativity generated and encountered today on a personal, national and global level makes it difficult for us to attain and sustain a spiritual center and ground. Mother Mary reminds us that since we have been created as Children of God, we need to live as such, recognizing that our purpose, needs and their satisfaction can only be spiritual in nature. She realizes that changing from a non-spiritual to a spiritual way of being centered and grounded will be challenging. Lip service will not be enough – desire, discipline, and dedication will be necessary to effect the changes in behavior, beliefs and attitudes discussed in her Holiday Message. Although many people call, and are being called, relatively few choose to expend the time, effort and energy needed to achieve and sustain a center and ground that is spiritually based.

Mother Mary wishes each of you a joyous holiday season, and suggests that the main theme be gratitude for the abundance of Divine goodness and blessings that are unstintingly bestowed on each and every one of us as an expression of God’s Love. She hopes that the New Year will bring increased Light and Love into our lives and all of those close to us.

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