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Virginia Virgil of Rumney, N.H., is a Marian messenger, speaker, spiritual teacher and intuitive counselor. She teaches a class in the lifelong learning program that is affiliated with Dartmouth College and gives Life Purpose telephone readings utilizing Mother Mary’s wisdom and guidance specific to each client caller.

A Holiday Message From Mother Mary - 2006

The message from Mother Mary for 2006 focuses on the need to develop faith strong enough to overcome fear of the economic and social changes. How well and quickly we are able to adjust to these fast-paced changes will depend on the way we decide to interpret and react to them. We can choose to resist and fear them, or we can accept and welcome them, perceiving everything we undergo as opportunities to manifest our spiritual identity and purpose.

The time has come for Divine Will to prevail once again on Earth. The changes we are experiencing are intended to help free us from the limitation and discord produced by our need to control the people, places, conditions, things and the Animal/lNature Kingdom we depend on for our welfare. We are faced with a choice - either we spiritually grow or we go. If we decide to stay, our ego will have to agree to give up control of these sources and depend on the God Within to determine our destiny path, its needs, and sources of fulfillment. This will require us to exchange a value system that focuses on achieving and sustaining a self-centered materialistic way of life for one that promotes pursuing spiritual growth and service By making us aware of the spiritual meaning behind the disruption of this materialistic lifestyle that we tend to take for granted and think is our right, Mother Mary hopes to reduce our fear of these changes.

Today many Americans are finding their ability to control whoever and whatever they depend on for their welfare eroding. The sense of well-being that job security along with the benefits and perks it once provided is no longer a given, and the dream of achieving a life of material ease and plenty is fast fading for many people. Low-paying service jobs are replacing well-paid manufacturing, professional and technical ones, which are being out-sourced to third world countries. Millions of Americans are without medical coverage, cannot find affordable housing, or send their children to college due to cutbacks in government funding and skyrocketing tuition increases. The guarantee of retiring and living on social security is in question, as is the ability to save enough money for retirement. As a result of these changes, the opportunity to constantly enhance our physical well-being through material means is no longer a given. Realizing the “American Dream” appears to be out of reach for many people, as does attaining or surpassing one’s parents’ standard of living.

Mother Mary tells us Americans need to undergo these changes in lifestyle, because as long as we focus, on indulging and gratifying our physical appetites through material means, the pursuit of spiritual growth will be put on the back burner. So as painful and harrowing as job loss has been for many, it is spiritually beneficial. Many have learned to live on less, want less and buy less. The reduction in the standard of living is meant to help people live more simply – on needs, rather than wants. The new bankruptcy laws  will discourage and curtail the indiscriminate use of credit cards that  encourage people to live far beyond their means. As mindless buying, spending and amassing declines, the consumption of goods will decrease, the depletion of natural resources will be reduced and preoccupation with pursuing a self-indulgent materialistic life will lessen. Our attention can then be focused on spiritually growing and serving.

Job loss has also compelled many Americans to re-arrange their priorities. As they take charge of their destiny, people are becoming more independent, finding it less and less necessary to base their self-esteem on the acquisition of money, status and power. Leading a well-rounded life is valued more than the status and power the job and salary provided. It is more important to find a job that they like, has meaning and will allow them to make a beneficial contribution to society

Besides promoting spiritual growth, these changes in attitude increase the desire to perform service. As people work in jobs they like, they will stop separating work from service and recreation. They will seek employment that performs a service and pays enough to cover their physical needs. It will also satisfy their mental need to feel challenged, productive and useful, their emotional need to feel fulfilled and their spiritual need to experience the sense of balance and re-creation that serving and being served by God provides.

Mother Mary points out another change taking place that is helping to curb our abusive exploitation of the Third World Population. The globalization of business has given rise to the labor right activist movement that has made us aware of the barbaric and inhuman labor practices commonly being employed in Third World countries. These activists are helping us to see that what affects others, also affects us. We are recognizing that we will need to bring the wage level of these countries closer to ours, if manufacturing jobs are to remain in the United States. Of course, this means that the price of finished goods will rise and people will not to be able to afford to buy as much as they would like. However, the beneficial effect of less consumption will result in the conservation of resources.

Globalization of business has produced another positive change in attitude that is helping us to stem our careless and greedy use of Earth’s resources. Exploiting and manipulating the Nature Kingdom through overuse, abuse and contamination of the elements that compose it - air, earth, fire and water – has been more common than not. Little thought has been given to the adverse consequences humankind and the planet will inevitably undergo if this type of thinking continues to prevail.

Mary encourages us to seriously consider the long-term repercussions of the unprecedented financial expansion currently taking place globally. Today, China, Asia, Africa, Mexico, the Middle East, South America and Eastern Europe not only  serve as markets for our goods and services, but also  as sources of cheap labor to produce goods at a low cost to enrich a few people.  Although Western industrialized nations compose only 20% of the world's population, they use 80% of the world's resources. The United States alone uses 40% of the planet's resource, even though it accounts for only 5% percent of that 20% percent, If other nations start to consume products with built in obsolescence at the rate we do, then it's obvious that there won't be enough for everyone. If resources were to be allocated according to population, our scale of living would change dramatically. 

She cautions us about the pitfalls of a lifestyle based on “conspicuous consumption” which can only lead to our downfall and that of our planet. She says if other nations duplicate our lifestyle of mindless consuming, the elements will be polluted and the Earth’s resources depleted to a point where life cannot be sustained. Wars will be waged to secure and control the resources needed to produce the mountains of good we amass and buy. Resources will continue to be squandered because we will keep on producing more than we need in the way of “stuff” and fail to recycle and reuse it the way we should. Because of our careless ways, we will continue to poison the air, water and earth.  As a result, we won’t have pure air to breathe, clean water to drink or nourishing soil to grow the food we need to sustain us.

Fortunately, there is a growing awareness among many that our indiscriminate use and contamination of Earth’s air, water and soil cannot continue to go unchecked. The various natural disasters we are experiencing are telling us that we cannot continue to abuse the forces of nature without suffering adverse consequences. The increase in the frequency of natural disasters, changes in weather patterns, and spread of animal-generated diseases being experienced globally is the Elemental or Nature Kingdom's way of warning us to wake up, stop abusing and misusing its energy and begin working with its members in a spiritual capacity - or suffer the consequence of our actions.  

We tend to think of ourselves as victims of Mother Nature, which we see as capricious, cruel and beyond our ability to control. We are not aware that the Law of Cause and Effect is always in play. Forms and responses produced by elementals will be positive and constructive if our thoughts and feelings are spiritually motivated. If they are not, forms and responses will be negative and destructive. Vibrations emitted through our negative thoughts foul the air, while those emitted through our negative feelings contaminate the water. When their ability to absorb our discordant energy reaches a saturation level, the elements and their inhabitants cleanse themselves.  In agreement with the Law of Cause and Effect, the discord we impose on them is returned to us magnified by ten.

The elements and nature beings that populate the Animal/Nature Kingdom are reminding us of the Cosmic Edict we have been given – to spiritually “grow or go.” If we wish to continue to incarnate on Earth, we will have to manifest God’s Plan. Since the elementals are an integral part of that Plan, we have no choice but to work in harmony, unity and cooperation with them.

As builders of form, the Elemental Kingdom and its members produce and sustain our physical environment. Although the majority of people are not aware of it, this Kingdom is composed of intelligent beings that have been divinely programmed to expand God’s Light and Love, just like we have. Unlike us however, elementals do not possess free will. They have to obey our commands because we have been given dominion over them. When we use their energy to produce weapons of mass destruction, including biological or chemical agents and nuclear bombs, we not only abuse and misuse the elementals’ energy, we prevent them from manifesting their part of God’s Plan. Our ungodly use of their energy, in turn, produces an adversarial relationship between their Kingdom and ours.

Since it is the radiation emitted through our thoughts and feelings that determine the actions and reactions of the elements and beings inhabiting them, we alone are responsible for the condition of our physical environment. So the death, havoc and destruction wrought by catastrophic weather conditions, natural disasters and animal-generated diseases are the effects produced by our discordant causes. The increase in incidence and spread of illnesses such as Mad Cow, Swine and Asian Bird Flu, are the result of our cruel and inhumane treatment of these animals. The catastrophic earthquakes that occurred in Iran and more recently in Pakistan and the devastating landslides that took place recently in South America were caused by our abusive use of the earth element and the destructive wind and water activity wrought by Katrina and Rita reflects our discordant thought and feeling energies. In comparison to these countries, however, the United States has fared well. In spite of all the negativity being spewed into the Nature Kingdom, the elementals still remain kindly disposed toward us. If we ever doubt their generosity of spirit, all we have to do is note that the loss of human life in our country has been minimal in comparison to the loss and damage sustained by property.

The increased incidence of fire is due to the combustible state of pent-up anger stored in our etheric or memory body. The negative vibrations emitted through our anger, in turn, spill over into and saturate the earth’s etheric plane to the point where it has to cleanse itself of the negativity it has been forced to absorb.  Little do we realize how grievously we misuse the fire element when we use “might to make right” through modern warfare and scorched-earth policies. Not only are people maimed and killed, but systems that support life are destroyed.

The Terrorist Movement and Iraqi War illustrate this misuse of the fire element. The terrorist movement in part is based on a past life recollection of hostilities dating back to the time of the Crusades when Christians attempted to impose their way of life and religion on the Muslims. In the hope of re-establishing a sense of power, both the “haves and have nots” are trying to ensure that their needs will be satisfied through exerting and sustaining control over everyone and everything they deem to be responsible for their welfare. This often is done in the name of God. The terrorist movement uses God as a pretext to justify the jihad or holy war it is waging against the Western World and its decadent ungodly values and practices. Representing “have nots,” many of the poor and illiterate followers affirm and establish their place, identity and power in the world through terrorist tactics. The presence of coalition forces in the Mid-East represents “haves” making certain the oil supply that sustains their economies is not interrupted or cut off. 

Mother Mary reminds us that our current practice of squandering and polluting Earth’s resources can ultimately result in the annihilation of our planet and all of its inhabitants, including us. We would be wise to remember that we have been appointed spiritual stewards not only of our own life energy, and that of b all forms of animate and inanimate energy. We need to develop a sense of reverence for the Divinity innate in these forms and an appreciation for the invaluable service they perform on our behalf, which makes our living easier and more comfortable. Since we are created from, composed of, enlivened and sustained by the elements, it is certainly against our own vested self-interest to use and abuse them.

The natural resources created by God and provided for us by the Elemental Kingdom is just enough to supply only what we need to complete God’s Plan, Earth’s resources are meant to be used solely for the purpose of manifesting it. Therefore, goods produced and services performed by business and its employees will need to support and enhance the needs of a spiritual lifestyle. If we learned to place our trust and faith in God, we would never have to worry about our welfare. We would know with absolute certainty that whatever we need for our spiritual growth and service is being determined and supplied by the God Within 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The United States has been chosen to be the spiritual role model for the rest of the world to follow for many reasons, For over 200 years, the United States has been accruing a vigorous momentum of freedom that will be helpful for its population to draw upon during these times of change.  The sturdy, rugged pioneer spirit is part of the warp and woof of American society.  It is the invincible character of this free spirit that will be needed to explore and conquer the one remaining frontier – ridding ourselves of negativity so we can let God govern our lives.

Although the United States has known freedom in every area, including religion, Americans have yet to experience spiritual liberation from the limitation and discord produced by the need to control the outer sources we rely on for our welfare. The last, and greatest, challenge we face individually and nationally is to consciously rid ourselves of this negativity, so that we can let go and let God govern our lives. Our newness as a nation gives us an advantage in this area because we are staunchly committed to freedom in every arena and not bound by tradition.  We are open to the idea of change and amenable to freeing ourselves from attitudes and values that are outmoded.  We are willing to see things from a more open-minded viewpoint than those nations that are less responsive to change, because they are enmeshed in obsolete mores and have not experienced the same kind of freedom Americans have.

The ability to live a lifestyle focused on growth and service is going to require the same strong mettle that the pioneers had. We will have to see the purpose of our existence and what constitutes a sense of well-being from a spiritual viewpoint. As a nation and as individuals, we have created institutions which support and sustain the belief that the purpose of our existence is to gratify and indulge the physical side of self through material means, and that our well-being depends on achieving this. 

To date, these premises have ruled our government, which endorses and upholds practices that support them; our legal system enacts legislation to protect them; the arts reflect them; science invents weapons to defend them; education teaches them; and business sustains them.  In the future, however, each of these areas is meant to express principles of spiritual truth, which, in turn,   will be reflected in the way we conduce out personal lives and the way society runs its affairs.  

But we are obviously going to have to rid ourselves of these obsolete concepts and change our lifestyle.  We will need to accept and adapt to a spiritual way of viewing the purpose of our existence and our sense of well-being.  This will not be easy.  However, as a teen-age nation, America tends to have a fearless and indomitable ability not to be bested by anything or anyone. This characteristic will give us the strength that is required to face these challenges and make the necessary adjustments in attitude that will be needed to free ourselves from being ruled by beliefs, practices and values that serve no spiritual purpose.

By shedding light on the social economic, social changes taking place, Mother Mary hopes her explanation of the spiritual reasons behind them will help us to feel less threatened and afraid, as well as hopeful that we can look forward to a brighter future. She encourages us to visualize a world in which all the institutions that govern our life endorse and support a spiritual lifestyle - one in which avocation and vocation are closely aligned, enabling all people to be engaged in occupations they love, find uplifting and are of service to others and to themselves.

Love and blessings are sent your way by Mother Mary, along with a wish that you enjoy a happy holiday season. She hopes that we will be willing to make a New Year’s Resolution to simplify our lifestyle by wanting, buying and consuming less. It will not only help us  to become more accustomed to living on our needs, rather than on our wants. It will also help us to do our part to protect and preserve Earth’s resources by using less of them.

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