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Virginia Virgil of Rumney, N.H., is a Marian messenger, speaker, spiritual teacher and intuitive counselor. She teaches a class in the lifelong learning program that is affiliated with Dartmouth College and gives Life Purpose telephone readings utilizing Mother Mary’s wisdom and guidance specific to each client caller.

A Holiday Message From Mother Mary - 2004

Since the process of moving to The Light continues to be speeded up, 2004 will be a year in which we will see an increase in the intensity and amount of mental, emotional and/or physical challenges confronting us. The Cosmic Edict issued in 1954 to "Grow or Go" can no longer be delayed or ignored, so whatever is keeping us from evolving toward The Light will be "in our face."

One of the major stumbling blocks to spiritual growth is polarity because it compels us to think, remember and feel in absolute terms. When polarity governs the way we interpret and react, we compare, contrast and qualify all that we encounter as positive or negative. Depending on whether or not life goes the way we want, need or think it should, we view whatever we undergo either as a win/lose or win/win situation and seesaw back and forth between the emotional highs and lows this negative perception produces. As a result, we are unable experience the state of composure and equanimity that a spiritual approach to interpreting and reacting to our life experiences provides. Viewing everything as learning, we perceive all that we undergo as positive and a win/win situation because it is propelling us toward The Light.

Our surviving and thriving, and that of Earth's, depends on our willingness and ability to move into and utilize Light Energy to address personal and planetary issues that we have failed to spiritually resolve and transcend. Past and present life misuse and abuse of our energy and that of Earth's can no longer be put off- it will need to be faced and dealt with spiritually.

Moving into the Light requires that we recognize the negative role polarity plays and make a concerted effort to rid ourselves of its adverse influence. As a result, Mother Mary's holiday message is focused on the need for us to make a New Year's resolution to develop the practice of heart-centering our thoughts, memories and feelings so that we can reach the state of spiritual equilibrium they provide. When their energies are heart-connected and directed, the influence of polarity will be greatly reduced. Since it is one of the biggest deterrents to spiritual growth, becoming aware and ridding ourselves of polarity's negative influence is key to our spiritual evolution. Achieving a state of spiritual balance will be accelerated as will a rise in our vibrations, which will bring us closer to The Light.

Since 1954, Earth's atmosphere has been suffused with the radiation of the emotional/Mother Aspect of God and its intensity and influence continues to grow with each passing year. As a result, the role played by feelings, which account for sixty per cent of our energy regardless of our gender, has also been heightened and expanded. In turn, the dominance of our emotions has significantly increased the limitation and discord produced by polarity. Its heightened presence in our lives and world at this time is all part of the Cosmic Plan to help us move toward The Light. As we become consciously aware of how adversely polarity affects us, it is hoped we will feel a strong desire to rid ourselves of its influence.

The havoc and destruction polarity is currently causing on a personal and planetary basis is pervasive and unprecedented. Both individuals and nations are caught in the grip of divisiveness, alienation and separation, which are the natural by-products of polarity. When it governs our thoughts and feelings, we view differences in beliefs, personality traits, behavior and appearance as threatening our safety and security and undermining our self-esteem.

We can see this perception being played out on several fronts. For instance, on an individual level, Russ Limbaugh is a voice for the far right, and Jim Hightower one for the so-called far left. Each man attacks, mocks and vilifies the other's beliefs, values, traits and practices. Group-Wise, neoconservatives and liberals have pitted themselves against one another and accuse each other of being anti-patriotic and un-American. At the national level, Democratic and Republican congressmen are unable and/or unwilling to establish the bi-partisan relationship needed to put the good of the country ahead of the two parties' vested interests. Internationally, Palestine and Israel are locked in mortal combat and their refusal to compromise and negotiate a peace settlement jeopardizes their own future and that of the rest of the world. The bitterness, hatred and vengefulness that exist between the two nations have the potential to bring about World War III.

When polarity governs the way we think, remember and feel, we live in a world shaped by a black-and-white reality. We perceive and judge all that we undergo as good or bad or right or wrong and all that we undertake in terms of success or failure or winning or losing. Since our ability to get our needs satisfied our way is based on exerting control over everything and everybody we depend on for our well-fare, we feel upbeat, elated and view ourselves as successful and winners when life goes our way. When life does not go our way, we not only feel a sense of doom and gloom, but also see ourselves as failures and losers. So the high and low mood swings that gyrate between glee and despair can also be attributed to polarity.

Mother Mary reminds us we do not need to continue in this negative vein. Even though what we need to learn spiritually and the karma we are supposed to repay are predetermined, we still have the right to exercise free will and decide whether we want to interpret and respond to whatever we undergo in a destructive or constructive way.

We can choose to let polarity govern the way we interpret and react to our life experiences, or we can decide to change our perceptions and learn to define and respond to them in a spiritual light. Acknowledging our divine identity and purpose, and making an effortto live like the Children of God we were created to be, will help us to do so. By understanding that whatever we undergo in a given lifetime is decided by our ego, soul and members of the Karmic Board prior to each incarnation, we can better accept that whatever happens to us is never by chance or coincidence. Everything we are meant to learn spiritually, along with the service we are to perform and the karmic restitution we need to make, is determined at that time.

Adopting these spiritual concepts will help us to recognize and accept that nothing happens to us by accident. All of our life experiences are spiritual tests and lessons that are intended to reveal what keeps us from going to The Light. This realization will help to alleviate - and in time - even eliminate the frustration, disillusionment, disappointment and anger we feel when life fails to turn out the way we plan.

Instead of viewing ourselves as having been victimized and our self-esteem as diminished or
destroyed when our expectations don't pan out, we will perceive that whatever we undergo is meant to teach us is that life is meant to go God's way, not our ego's way. We don't have to like, agree with, or even understand why something is happening - all we need to know and accept is that whatever is occurring is for our spiritual good and that we have agreed to it on an inner-conscious level. In time, we will see and appreciate the spiritual "why". If you doubt that this is true, Mother Mary suggests you recall a stressful or trying time in your past. In retrospect, did it not strengthen you spiritually and help make you a wiser, better person?

Realizing all that occurs on a personal and planetary level as necessary to bring about the changes needed to help us evolve into the light will help to loosen polarity's grip on the way we think and feel. Instead of interpreting and reacting to whatever we undergo as good/bad, black/white, right/wrong, success/failure, or win/lose, we will perceive all that occurs as advancing our spiritual growth and service. As we adopt this spiritual approach to all that we encounter the high and low mood swings that polarity produced will also diminish and in time disappear.

When life fails to go the way we want, it is not because we are being singled out and punished or thwarted, found wanting or don't deserve to attract and sustain good things. Rather, whatever we undergo are tests designed by our soul to see if we are willing to put the manifestation of God's Plan for us ahead of our own, and to face and rid ourselves of the negativity that keeps us from doing so. So letting go of the need and/or desire to control and go with the flow of whatever is transpiring is the name of the spiritual game, knowing that whatever is occurring at any given moment in time on a personal or planetary level is meant to help us raise our vibrations and those of Earth so that both can progress toward The Light.

Polarity also makes us focus on what we don't have, can't do and where we aren't in terms of where we think we want, need or deserve to be.Instead of appreciating what we do have, what we can do and where we are, we experience a sense of dissatisfaction and deprivation. As a result, gratitude and a sense of abundance go out the window. We either forget, ignore or do not realize that Divine Goodness is always looking out for our interests, and that we live in a state of spiritual plenty. We don't have to do anything to earn or merit what Divine Goodness offers. All we have to do is be open to receiving its gifts, knowing that we are deserving of receiving them just because we are God's Children.

Although we may not be aware of it, we had to petition the Karmic Board (after which our Supreme Court is patterned) for permission to incarnate. So we are not here by chance or accident. We are here because we belong here. We also need to recognize that our life is a Divine Gift because only one out of every three who requests to reincarnate is allowed to do so. Our presence is needed here because no one else can duplicate the thread of light we are to weave in the Tapestry of Divine Light and Love God designed for Earth.

Divine Goodness also supplies whatever attributes, talents and resources we need to advance our spiritual growth and service and fulfills the four essential needs that have to be satisfied if we are to survive and thrive. If we live as the Children of God we were created to be, we will be connected to and directed by the God Within. This connection will allow us to experience the innate fulfillment of these essential needs, that include self-worth, acceptance, love, being needed and belonging, as well as Divine Parental Protection, Guidance and Comfort. We will also enjoy an on-going sense of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being along with a state of mental/emotional or completeness that is free of all gender encumbrances.

Divine Goodness provides us with two spiritual mentors - the voice of intuition belonging to our soul and the Still Small Voice of our Christ Conscious Self - who are eager to provide spiritual counseling on what we need to do to grow and serve, along with how to accomplish these goals. We have been given free will choice regarding how we wish to use our energy and multiple opportunities through reincarnation to learn how to do so in a loving way. The Nature or Elemental Kingdom sustains us physically and its members serve as God's artisans and artists, using the four elements to produce works of art that delight and please our senses. And we have the Angelic Kingdom we can call on any time we feel we need a spiritual boost or assistance.

Recognizing the spiritual abundance Divine Goodness unstintingly provides will help us to develop an attitude of gratitude for all that we have and diminish our sense of deprivation. Cutting ourselves some spiritual slack and accepting that at any given moment we are exactly where we need to be, doing the best we can based on our degree of enlightenment, will help to diminish our dissatisfaction with self because we realize that when we know better we will do better.

In light of what has been said, we need to remind ourselves that when we ask to grow spiritually, we set events into motion that will provide the spiritual insight we need to motivate us to make whatever changes are necessary to help us go to The Light. Although we may not be aware of it on a conscious level, inner consciously, we have agreed to make a concerted effort to become aware of and eliminate beliefs, values, practices and traits that promote and support the concept of polarity, which keeps our planet, and us, from spiritually evolving. If we can learn to perceive who we are and why we are here along with everything we undergo from a spiritual viewpoint, we can eliminate polarity from our lives and arrive at a state of spiritual balance that will allow us to move into and use The Light.

Mother Mary sends her love and regards to each and everyone of you and hopes you enjoy a Light-filled New Year free of polarity!

Copyright 2004: Vales End. 1090 East Rumney Road. Runmey,  NH 03266

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