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Virginia Virgil of Rumney, N.H., is a Marian messenger, speaker, spiritual teacher and intuitive counselor. She teaches a class in the lifelong learning program that is affiliated with Dartmouth College and gives Life Purpose telephone readings utilizing Mother Mary’s wisdom and guidance specific to each client caller.

A Holiday Message From Mother Mary - 2003

We have witnessed a variety of reactions and responses to the events that took place on 9/11.  Some people are filled with fear, hate and a need to seek revenge.  The media and politician's rhetoric have played on, enhanced and entrenched these thoughts and feelings through constantly hyping and replaying what occurred that day. Yet, other people have chosen to perceive 9/11 as an opportunity to figure out ways to live in greater harmony with one another.  They have expressed a desire to understand, accept and overlook ethnic and religious differences rather than be threatened by them, so that the lives of everyone can be more productive and enjoyable.

Although we have a right as individuals and as a nation to decide how we want to respond, Mother Mary suggests we think about Mahatma Gandhi's words when we make our choice. His statement "An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind" is just as valid and applicable today as it was when he spoke it.

While we feel compassion for those who lost loved ones and those who perished on 9/11, Mother Mary suggests a far more fitting tribute to them would be to focus on improving our future and that of our planet.  Instead of fanning the flames of religious and ethic intolerance, wouldn't it be more appropriate for us to concentrate on globally alleviating poverty, disease and further degradation of the environment? As the mightiest nation on earth, the United States has an opportunity to assume a spiritual leadership role by working in cooperation and unity with other countries to devise ways to -

  • promote and sustain world peace;
  • protect and preserve the environment and Earth's natural resources;
  • achieve and maintain higher standards of health on a global basis.

Would not this focus, which safeguards our own well-fare and that of future generations, be a more appropriate memorial than constantly replaying and hyping what took place on 9/11?

Currently, as individuals, as nations and as a planet, we are in the midst of a time of spiritual reckoning, referred to in the Bible as "Armageddon”. We have to decide in which direction we want to move - toward or away from the Light. Since the dark forces cannot survive in the presence of Divine Light, they are doing their utmost to prevent the Forces of Light from emerging and expanding their influence on Earth. The contest between these two forces is being played out on a cosmic level and enacted on Earth through human beings, which explains why we are seeing such extremes in behavior. While Saddam Hussein is aiding and abetting the dark forces, Nelson Mandela is serving the Forces of Light.

The negative vibrations we generate and emit sustain the dark forces, who realize they will be homeless and without sustenance if the radiation of the Forces of Light succeed in taking over.  As a result, a massive counterattack is being launched to thwart our efforts to evolve spiritually, since it would bring the radiation of Divine Light into play. The dark forces are doing everything within their power to ensure that negativity is sustained and that its influence becomes even more pronounced and widespread than it already is on Earth. To help their cause, the dark forces seek to stir up, magnify and entrench envy, covetousness, slothfulness, lust, pride, greed and anger in our consciousness. Their goal is to increase the limitation and discord these qualities produce to a level that would prevent Divine Light from prevailing, which would weaken and stop the spiritual progress of those seeking enlightenment.

The dark forces are aware that their existence will be threatened if the radiation of Divine Will gains a foothold on Earth. We will start to focus more on spiritually evolving and serving, and less on achieving and maintaining a pleasure-filled life. The dark forces also realize that their well-fare will be jeopardized if the radiation of Unconditional Love begins to take hold and spread.  Once we develop a reverence and gratitude for life and an awareness and appreciation of the divinity present in all form, we will use energy in more godly ways.  But as long as the majority of people are addicted to a selfish materialistic lifestyle, they will generate and emit the negatively charged energy that the dark forces depend on to vitalize and sustain them.

Fortunately for humankind, the beneficial effects of the efforts put forth to raise the level of our spiritual consciousness by the Forces of Light are gaining in strength and momentum. The worldwide rise and expansion of the various movements currently taking place prove that their influence is growing and expanding. The popularity of the Peace, Men's Women's Children's, Environmental and Animal Movements shows that more spiritually oriented beliefs and attitudes are emerging, expanding and taking root.

Mother Mary's purpose for making us aware of what is transpiring cosmically between the forces of light and darkness and the way it is being played out on Earth is not intended to alarm or frighten us. Rather, she hopes to inspire us to strengthen our resolve as individuals and as a nation to stay on a path of seeking the Light and remain in its radiation, knowing that its power is far greater than that of the dark forces.  Darkness can prevail only if we feed it with negative thoughts, memories and feelings ,such as fear, anger hate, intolerance and bigotry.

Everything that has taken place this past year has a spiritual purpose. Our interpretation and reaction to what occurred on 9/11 and its aftermath is pivotal in deciding our ultimate fate, that of our nation and our planet. As God's Children, we are meant to help reproduce Heaven on Earth by expanding Divine Light and Love through growing and serving spiritually.  Free will allows us to decide whether we wish to do so.

If we choose to follow a path of light, we will focus on devising and implementing ways to attain and maintain peace, protect and preserve our environment and natural resources, and promote and improve health on a global level. Conversely, if we decide to take the path of darkness, we will continue to concentrate on pursuing a selfish materialistic way of life, gobbling up, contaminating and fighting over control and use of Earth's resources. Our misuse and abuse of them will cause us to suffer experience illness and poor health.

The unprecedented events that have occurred nationally and affected us on a personal level are the result of the rise in vibrations. As vanguard of the New Age movement, the United States is undergoing a process of spiritual transformation. For many reasons, our country and its citizens have been chosen to act as spiritual role models for the rest of the world to follow.

The role God has played in determining and shaping the destiny of the United States has been instrumental from the time of its birth.  The United States has always acknowledged God as its overseer and protector.  Many of the first immigrants who came to America did so to flee religious persecution.  They had been divinely inspired to come and live in a land where they could practice worshipping God the way their conscience dictated.  As a result, the importance of  God in the affairs of our nation has always been recognized, as has the sanctity of religious freedom and the separation of church and state. 

The authors of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were divinely inspired as was the wording of these documents.  America was founded on the belief that "all men are created equal and have the inalienable God-given right to pursue life, liberty and happiness."  All of these factors were carefully orchestrated on a cosmic level before being played out on Earth.  The roots of a spiritual foundation were planted over two hundred years ago and now are on the verge of sprouting and flowering.  The United States is getting ready to become "one spiritually-oriented" nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

The co-mingling of races and cultures has made the United States a modern day version of Noah's Ark.  Although we have had our ups and downs as a nation, and there are still many issues to be resolved, the spiritual benefits that result from a "Heinz 57" population are many.  For example, Americans are able to live together with less racial or cultural strife than any other nation in the world.  The capacity to accept, appreciate and integrate the different cultures and races has helped to foster tolerance, understanding and acceptance of external differences.  The ability to see themselves as Americans first, and their ethnic background second, has brought about a sense of oneness among the country's citizens that is not experienced anywhere else in the world.  In fact, it is this very diversity of races and cultures that has created American strength.

From its beginning as a nation, The United States has built a momentum of freedom that will be helpful for its population to draw upon during these times of change.  The sturdy, rugged pioneer spirit is part of the warp and woof of American society.  We will need this invincible free spirit to explore and conquer the one remaining frontier.

As citizens of the United States, we have known freedom in many areas, including that of religion.  But. we have yet to experience the total liberation that will be afforded to us when we live as the Children of God we were created to be.  The last and greatest challenge we face as individuals and as a nation is to consciously rid ourselves of limitation and the discord it produces. Their negativity prevents our vibrations from rising and inhibits our ability to grow and serve spiritually. Our newness as a nation gives us an advantage because we are staunchly committed to freedom in every arena and not hidebound by tradition.  As a result, we are open to the idea of change and are amenable to freeing ourselves from outmoded attitudes and values.  We are willing to see things from a more open-minded viewpoint than those nations which are less responsive to change because they are enmeshed in obsolete mores and have not experienced the same kind of freedom Americans have.

For us to develop the ability to live as Children of God as intended and assist our nation in its process of spiritual transformation will require the same strong mettle that the pioneers displayed. Only now we need to develop spiritual rather than physical strength. As a nation and as individuals, we have built institutions which support and sustain the belief that the purpose of our existence is to gratify and indulge the physical side of self through material means. In fact, many Americans believe that their well-fare depends upon achieving this goal. To date, all of the institutions that govern our life support these premises. Our government endorses and upholds practices that support them; our legal system enacts legislation to protect them; the arts reflect and are funded by them; science invents weapons to defend them; education teaches them; and business sustains them. 

The American dream of attaining material plenty is in the process of changing.  The idea that a good life depends solely upon accumulating wealth so that one can buy, own and control people, places, conditions, things and elementals, including animals, is no longer the primary consideration of many Americans. This attitude is reflected in the many changes that are occurring in the seven major institutions that regulate and govern our society. Their structure, purpose and way they run are being more closely examined and scrutinized. This explains why we are seeing corruption being uncovered in government, business, religion and the arts and why so many educational, legal and scientific practices are being studied and questioned.

From a spiritual perspective, we can see the Divine Hand of God again at work in America leading us gently, but firmly, toward our spiritual destiny path.  Every change has a spiritual implication we need to become aware of so we can look at change as an opportunity to learn and grow.  Changes occurring in the institutions of government, law, art, religion, science, education and business are starting to reflect the more spiritually-attuned will of the American people. Their focus is slowly but surely turning in the direction of finding ways to ensure lasting peace; to preserve and protect our environment and natural resources; and to achieve and maintain better health standards.

Mother Mary points out that we can also do our part as individuals to promote the adoption and forward movement of these three causes not only on the outside, but also within ourselves. She realizes that we might question how good deeds performed by one person can make much of a difference in a world seemingly indifferent to furthering the cause of spirituality.

If we doubt that the power of one can make a substantial impact, Mother Mary suggests we recall the "Light work" carried out in the name of peace by Mahatma Gandhi, Anwar Sadat, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir did a great deal to preserve and protect our environment and natural resources. In fact, our national parks are the results of their efforts. In the health field, "Doctors without Borders" are contributing their skills and time free of charge to help the sick, injured and maimed all over the world.  Members of the Peace Corps, the International Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity and other humanitarian agencies are helping people globally to learn how to improve and maintain better health and raise their standard of living. All have used their skills, attributes and resources to add to the light of the world and improve the lives of many people.

Each of us can make a difference. We can participate in rallies, and/or contribute time and/or money to organizations interested in furthering peace. We can also make our congressional representatives aware, by phone or in writing, of how important we feel it is to search for ways to promote and sustain peace. We can help to clean up and sustain our environment by recycling, using biodegradable products, refusing to invest in companies that are environmentally unfriendly, and by not buying their products. We can cut down on the amount we consume by asking ourselves if what we wish to purchase is a need versus a want, and will the purchase raise our vibrations? We can achieve and maintain better health by eating nutritious organically grown food, exercising on a daily basis and utilizing alternative health practices. We might even consider adopting a semi or total vegetarian diet because it is good for our health. By not eating meat and refusing to buy or wear fur, feathers and leather, we are also expressing a greater reverence for animal life.

We can also further the cause of promoting peace, protecting and preserving the environment and improving health within ourselves by monitoring our thoughts, memories and feelings. Although we may not realize it, what we think, feel and remember is composed of loving or unloving vibrations, which we continually radiate out into the atmosphere around us.

When we imprint our thinking, feeling and remembering with the vibrations of ill will, intolerance, discord, ungratefulness, arrogance, indifference and anger, the radiation we generate and emit diminishes our own light and that of the atmosphere around us. Conversely, when we imprint our thoughts, feelings and memories with the vibrations of good will, tolerance, gratitude, harmony, compassion and forgiveness, the radiation we generate and emit adds to our own light and the atmosphere surrounding us.
Mother Mary suggests that we make a New Year's resolution to bring the "power of one' into play by adopting and utilizing one of these qualities in our interactions dealing with others. Not only will this benefit us spiritually by raising our vibrations, it will also be a gift to God. By radiating the vibrations of the quality we have chosen to manifest we contribute to the cause of promoting peace, safeguarding our environment and improving our health, that of others and our planet.

Following a path of light requires us to restructure our lifestyle and accept, adopt and adapt to a spiritual way of viewing our identity and purpose for being.  This will not be easy.  However, as a teen-age nation, Americans tend to have a fearless and indomitable ability to refuse to be bested by anything or anyone.  This characteristic will give us the strength we need to face these challenges and make the necessary adjustments in attitude to free ourselves from the limitation and discord that are the natural by-products of a self-centered materialistic lifestyle.

In closing Mother Mary reminds us that we can choose to see what is transpiring as a doomsday scenario, or we can stay spiritually grounded.

We can become panic-stricken, fear-ridden and angry about the political, economic, religious and cultural upheaval and chaos that is taking place and threatening our well-fare.  Or, we can place our well-fare in God's hands and have faith that what is happening is part of the spiritual transformation process that needs to take place for the Forces of Light to prevail.  By making an effort to stand firm in our resolve to be a "beacon of light" during these turbulent, unsettling and confusing times, we can help to anchor and expand the Light.

Since peace or the lack thereof is uppermost in the minds of many, Mother Mary would like us to think about adopting the motto "Let there be peace and let it begin with "U.S." By making peace, praying for peace and living in peace throughout the coming year, we can help to promote its cause through making peace a way of life, rather than limiting its jurisdiction to the holiday season.

As always, Mother Mary sends her love and blessings to you and hopes that you will enjoy a productive, peaceful and light-filled 2003!

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