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Virginia Virgil of Rumney, N.H., is a Marian messenger, speaker, spiritual teacher and intuitive counselor. She teaches a class in the lifelong learning program that is affiliated with Dartmouth College and gives Life Purpose telephone readings utilizing Mother Mary’s wisdom and guidance specific to each client caller.

A Holiday Message From Mother Mary - 2000

Last year’s message from Mother Mary focused on “giving” from a spiritual viewpoint. For the year 2000 that marks the beginning of the new millennium, she wishes to share a “holy-day” message with you regarding what it means to “receive” from a spiritual aspect.

Mother Mary wants to bring to our attention the fact that the many Presents that we receive from God are not just limited to Christmas, our main gift giving and receiving season. While our gifts tend to cost money and be material in nature, those we receive from God are free and spiritual in essence. In addition,the gifts we give and receive tend to be “humanmade,” oftentimes motivated by a sense of obligation, and a desire to make a statement about how much we mean to one another based on the amount of money we spend on gifts.

She points out that all the gifts we receive from God are manifestations of Divine Will and Wisdom packaged in Divine Love. By far the greatest gift we receive from God is the gift of life and its sustenance, since only one in three who petition the Karmic Board for permission to re-embody are allowed to do so. The free will choice to use our life energy as we choose also is a God-given Gift, as is the chance to reincarnate until we are able to utilize our life energy in unconditionally loving ways that expand Divine Light and Love on Earth. Mother Mary notes that twenty four hours a day, 365 days a year we are showered with an endless flow of Divine Gifts such as Ascended Master Assistance and Counsel as well as the vast array of material bounty that the Elemental Kingdom provides for our sustenance.

In addition, all that we encounter and undergo in our life experiences are Divine Presents given to us by God to help facilitate our spiritual growth and service. Mary points out that our life experiences are opportunities given to us by God to help us expiate our karma, live by the “Golden Rule” and to bring our thought and feeling energies into a state of spiritual equilibrium. We also are the recipients of the Gifts of God’s Grace, Mercy and Compassion. Even though we have chosen to live as errant Children of God, these three Divine Gifts are always at our disposal and are there for us to utilize in the resurrection and redemption of our spiritual nature. However, the most unique gift we have been given is that of our own individualized Presence of God, better known as our “I Am Presence” that resides in our hearts. It is only through this God-given vehicle that we can access Divine Will and receive the blueprint of our Divine Embodiment Plan, the Divine Wisdom of “how to” carry it out, and the Divine Love needed to manifest it into form.

All of these Divine Gifts have been carefully thought out and given to all of God’s Children with “no strings attached.”  These God-given Presents are intended to be used by us to help us evolve and serve spiritually while on Earth, as we transition, and in the Inner Planes where we live between embodiments. To take advantage of these Divine Gifts, all that is required of us is to be receptive to receiving them, and to exhibit a willingness to heart center our thought and feelings energies so that we can access and fully utilize them. Once we make the heart connection, we will be the recipients of other Divine Gifts as well. We will be able to experience an innate and lasting sense of self-worth, acceptance and love as well as Divine Parental Protection, Guidance and Love. We also will be able to feel a permanent sense of well being that is spiritual in nature and a state of androgynous or mental/emotional completeness within ourselves. Mother Mary reminds us that we were not sent to Earth and then abandoned by our Divine Parents. She assures us that we will never be without whatever is necessary to carry out our Divine Embodiment Plan. Father/Mother God constantly determine and make certain that what we need to spiritually grow and serve always is at our fingertips and only a heartbeat away.

However, Mary notes that we will not be open to receiving or taking advantage of these Divine Gifts as long as our ego refutes or ignores our spiritual identity and purpose for being. We tend to live a lifestyle that focuses on gratifying and satisfying our physical nature through material means supplied by outer sources. Perceiving people, places, conditions and things as the only sources capable of providing our needs, we “live to give to get” them fulfilled by these outer sources. Since we view them as responsible for our “well-fare”, our energy is then expended in devising way and means to exert the power of our will over these outer sources. Once this is accomplished, we then believe that we can force or coerce them to provide our “well fare” on a lasting basis in ways that our ego dictates. These beliefs explain why we only are open to receiving from outer sources, and accept, appreciate and like only those “gifts” that have the ability to fulfill our needs our way.
To further complicate matters, many of us consciously as well as unconsciously accept the notion that we are tainted with original sin and therefore are undeserving of God’s largesse. In addition, our habit of quid pro quo giving oftentimes makes us hesitant to receive gifts or help from others because we are not certain that the price we will have to pay for accepting them will be to our liking. Furthermore, many of us have been raised with the maxim that “it is better to give than to receive”, which is a distortion of spiritual truth. However, from a spiritual perspective, it is just as important to receive as it is to give. The Law of Cause and Effect states that the positive or negatively imprinted energy we emit will return to us magnified by ten, so if we are only willing to give and not receive, we are not living in synch with this Law. Furthermore when we refuse to receive, we deprive others of an opportunity to give.  Considering the negative light in which we view receiving it is easy to see why we have a difficult time thinking we are worthy of receiving from God.

We are apt to ask God to answer our prayers or render assistance in ways that have nothing to do with advancing our spiritual growth and service. Therefore, when our pleas or requests to God go unanswered or are not fulfilled the way we would like, feelings of frustration, disappointment, anger and a sense of futility are aroused within us which makes us even more certain that we are unworthy of receiving God’s Blessings. We forget that Divine Gifts have not been designed to fit these beliefs or to fulfill the needs arising from them. As a consequence, there is no reason for us to acknowledge or to be receptive to Father/Mother God’s Bounty, let alone express gratitude for It. Hence, our Divine Parents’ Gifts remain unnoticed, unappreciated and for the most part unused by us.

Mother Mary informs us that in the 21st century, we will be expected to live as Children of God focused on expanding Divine Light and Love by manifesting our Divine Embodiment Plan of spiritual growth and service. Therefore, we will have to obey the Divine Edict that has been issued to humankind to  “spiritually grow or go.” The timeframe has run out for us to accomplish our spiritual purpose for being. If we desire to stay and be a part of the spiritual vanguard that will usher in the permanent New Golden Age, we will need to acknowledge and make a concerted effort to incorporate and utilize God’s Gifts on a daily basis. All of the Divine “Rules and Tools” contained in the information that Mother Mary has shared with us are gifts from her that we can use as aids in our spiritual reawakening and rebirth.

The choice is entirely up to us.

  • When we are open to receiving and expressing our gratitude for God’s Gifts, we will do so by utilizing them to expand Divine Light and Love by spiritually growing and serving. 
  • When our thoughts, feelings, words, deeds and actions “come from the heart” and are focused on accomplishing these goals, we will be demonstrating how much we honor and revere Father/ Mother God.
  • When we choose of our own free will to “live to give to God", we will be expressing our appreciation for the multitude of Gifts that we receive from our Divine Parents.


In case we have forgotten or are not aware of it, Mother Mary reminds us that the radiation of the Violet Ray of Freedom and Forgiveness is striking and suffusing the atmosphere of Earth. Incorporating forgiveness, freedom, transmutation, ordered service and rituals as well as mercy and compassion, the activity of the Violet Ray radiation started in 1954 and will continue to dominate Earth for the next 2000 years. A combination of Divine Will and Love, the Violet Ray has awakened and stirred humankind’s emotional nature into action. This activity has sparked a renewed interest in the role played by intuition as well as resulted in the emergence of a number of movements that express a greater reverence and gratitude for life (men’s, children’s, animal, and women’s). Because this Ray is connected with the Law of Freedom and Forgiveness explains why experiencing these qualities has become such a top priority in the world today. The institution of education also is associated with this Ray as is the role played by writers. Hence the great interest in promoting education and writing today. Budding authors in the form of ordinary citizens that keep daily journals to nationally acclaimed authors such as Maya Angelou and Frank McCourt abound. In addition, there has been a revival of interest shown in William (“Will I Am” of God) Shakespeare and his works because St. Germain, who serves as Chohan or Director of the Violet Ray of Freedom, incarnated as this famous author.

Trends to note in the year 2000 again focus on health, peace and environmental issues as they did in 1999. However, interest in them will increase in intensity and scope. The idea of the “Good Life” and what it takes to realize the “American Dream” will continue to undergo scrutiny and change. Along with those who seek fame, power and fortune will be an increasing number of individuals who desire a simpler, more balanced and peaceful life style. Deliberately paring down their consuming, amassing and obligations, this group will be interested in pursuing a more frugal lifestyle in which personal growth and free time take precedence over job title, amount of money earned, and ability to wield power over others. Holistic health practices and procedures will continue to assume greater and greater prominence as the exorbitant cost of health insurance coverage and prescription drugs become beyond the reach of a wide segment of the population. Preventive Health practices will continue to come into greater vogue due to their cost effectiveness both to the consumer and insurance companies and because many people are choosing to live healthier lives. Organically grown foods will also continue to grow in popularity and acceptance as people become increasingly leery about the adverse effect that the pesticides and preservatives used in food production and manufacturing have on their health. Exploring ways to effect peace will increase as the desire to end the needless pain and suffering and destruction of the infrastructure that warfare produces grows. Finding and promoting ways to preserve and protect the environment will be of vital concern to ever-greater numbers of people as will their increasing regard for its natural beauty and appreciation for its bounty. Climatic changes in terms of frequency and intensity will depend upon our treatment of the Nature Kingdom, as well as on the contents of our thoughts and feelings. The elementals that inhabit Nature have been programmed to produce the form and sustain an environment that any being endowed with a Trifold Flame (“I Am Presence”) commands them to manifest. When we live as Children of God we command them to maintain a “Garden of Eden Setting” and produce only forms that expand Divine Light and Love. When we life a sybaritic, materialistic lifestyle, we command the elementals to produce form that is contrary to their spiritual nature because what we force them to manifest is injurious to the environment and ungodly in character.  Our abuse and misuse of their energy results in their rebelling against us. They voice their displeasure with us in a number of destructive ways. Wind and water join forces and vent their wrath through violet storms and inclement weather conditions. Earth and fire express their indignation through devastating volcanic activity, landslides and earthquakes. We need to remember that the Law of Cause and Effect states unequivocally that whatever we emit into the atmosphere through our thought and feeling energies will be returned to us magnified by ten. Therefore, the constructive or destructive contents of our thoughts and feelings will determine the severity of the weather conditions we will experience.

In closing Mother Mary emphasizes the need to develop our capacity to love one another as God loves us – unconditionally and unequivocally, for it only through love that we can survive as a species and a planet. Sending her love and her blessings to each and every one of us, she asks that we try to open our hearts as much as possible this holiday season and make a conscious effort to radiate as much heartfelt good will and love as we can to all that we encounter. Mother Mary further suggests this practice be carried over by us into the New Year and included in one of our Resolutions. She reminds us that it is only by being fully open to receiving God’s Blessings that we will be able to utilize these Divine Gifts in our spiritual growth and service.

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