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Virginia Virgil of Rumney, N.H., is a Marian messenger, speaker, spiritual teacher and intuitive counselor. She teaches a class in the lifelong learning program that is affiliated with Dartmouth College and gives Life Purpose telephone readings utilizing Mother Mary’s wisdom and guidance specific to each client caller.

A Holiday Message From Mother Mary - 1999

Mother Mary wishes to share some information with you regarding the holiday season, as well as some predictions regarding what the New Year will bring.

She notes that the spirit of giving is stronger than ever. However, there still is confusion as to what giving means. From a laggard viewpoint, giving of course means satisfying and indulging one's physical desires through material means. But for many, buying, acquiring and storing stuff is no longer satisfying or sufficient. Thereis a growing desire to return to a simpler less frenetic wayof celebrating theholidays in which heartfelt sharing and caring take precedence over spending too much money, or buying too much stuff that often times is neither needed, or in many cases even wanted. Like recycling, the shift in perception on giving gradually will take root, spread and grow until it reaches a momentum of acceptance where it becomes a routine way of celebrating the Christmas Season. The obsessive and compulsive need to endlessly consume more and more stuff has to be eliminated if we want to survive as a species and preserve our planet. Earth simply does not contain enough resources to support a lifestyle based on the American model of insatiable consumption of products designed with a built in obsolescence factor.

Mother Mary suggests we adopt other ways of giving during the holiday season. For instance, we can perform a service for a loved one, or others in need, as well as for the community in which we live. Local stores, town personnel, civic organizations and churches need to participate as well as individual citizens. Families can offer their services as a group or individually. Brainstorm with friends and neighbors on inventive ways to help make your neighborhood and community a better place to live. You could, for instance make a wish list of what the group would like to see implemented, and as a part of you’re New Year's Resolution, agree to become part of the volunteer group to make it happen. Instead of buying all new things, set up a swap meet where you recycle items that you do not use or do not want. Help to collect and refurbish used toys, clothing and sports equipment for children in need. Do something for “shuts ins”, the elderly or the disabled. Since there is so much giving that needs to be done in many areas, she suggests that you pick one that you enjoy and then volunteer to help.

For those who tend to be depressed, it is particularly important to develop the habit of giving when you are feeling down. Giving takes you out of your self, keeps you from shutting down and being unable to receive help, which reduces your sense of being victimized as well as helps to get you off the “pity pot”. It is time for us to “live to give” to life instead of “living to give in order to get” from life. Also, it is time for us to learn to give as a way of expressing our gratitude to God for the gift of life, its sustenance and the free will choice to use its energy as we please.

These changes in attitudes and habits regarding giving are taking place because spiritual service and growth will be the “name of the game” in the New Age. The influence of the radiation of the Mother Aspect of God is very strong, which explains the rise in popularity of a variety of movements that promote a greater reverence and gratitude for life. Its vibrations also have activated right brain activity and thefeeling side of self, which controls our expressive, artistic nature. This phenomenon is creating a desire in many to utilize this side of self not only in artistic endeavors but also in their work. People are finding it difficult to work in “drone” types of jobs that lack personal input and are totally devoid of individual expression. They feel a strong urge to find an occupation that satisfies the needs of their creative, expressive side of self as well as one that makes a difference.

These shifts in outlook are bringing about a need to seek a job that one loves and feels enthusiastic about -a job that combines one's vocation and avocation, so that a continuing sense of “re-creation” can be experienced. For many people, the quality of life is becoming increasingly more important than the quantity of money they earn, the status they are able to attain, or the amount of power and control they areable to exert over others. This explains why so many members of the X generation are starting up or participating in businesses that not only provide an adequate living, but also have a social conscience. Many in this group feel a strong desire to give back as much as they receive and to engage in business practices that encourage responsible stewardship of the planet and caring about one's fellow beings.

On another note, Mother Mary emphasizes that one of the best Christmas presents we can give is heartfelt forgiveness to those whom we feel have hurt us, as well as to ourselves for having hurt others. She points out that the spiritual benefits to be derived from this gift are invaluable to all parties involved. Hard, unrelenting feelings are dissolved when we are able to forgive others for refusing to use their energy to meet our needs on our terms. We not only give them the gift of allowing them to use their energy the way they choose, free of our demands and expectations, but also, we free our own energy from being used for negative purposes. To effect a spiritual reunion full of love, light and joy, not only will be a richly rewarding experience, but also will result in a sense of inner peace, better health and be a boon to the environment. The amount of negativity emitted into the lower astral plane will be reduced as we dissolve negative thoughts and feelings, resulting from our unloving use of energy. Mother Mary emphatically states that “The Act of Forgiveness” can be nothing but a win, win situation for all.

1999 is a year when we will have to make a concerted effort to transcend our karma. Our ability to attain and maintain control over outer sources - people, places, conditions, animals and things – will continue to diminish only at a faster rate than before. We have to depend upon the God Within to determine and supply our needs, having total trust and faith in God's ability to determine and supply whatever is necessary for our spiritual growth and service. However, becoming dependent upon the God Within requires that we consciously become aware of the sources outside of self that we rely upon for our welfare and make a concerted effort to break our dependency upon them. Consequently, we will be drawing a variety of outer sources to us more and more frequently who will be unwilling or unable to meet our needs our way to remind us it is not their obligation to do so. In addition, we will need to remember that God fulfills spiritual, not laggard desires when our prayers fail to manifest what we think we need, would like or deserve to have. 1999 will be a year when our soul will be working overtime setting up a multitude of life experiences to help us learn these very basic and important spiritual truths and lessons. Many people will be faced with making a decision of choosing either to grow or electing to go.

Mother Mary emphasizes that it also is time for us to develop and refine our God given talents in selfless endeavors that will expand Divine Light and Love rather than in ones based on furthering our own vested self-interests. We can no longer afford to sit by the sidelines and expect someone else to take care of environmental, health and peace issues that threaten our continued existence as well as that of our planet. It is time for each of us to initiate and follow a new spiritual course of action. We have to give unconditionally by investing time and energy in a cause near and dear to our hearts that will help to make the world a better place.

As far as trends to watch for in 1999, you can expect to see: an emphasis on promoting ways to attain better health, particularly through natural means and preventive practices; a concerted effort to bring about greater peace in the world; and a growing need to protect and preserve the environment, as well as a growing appreciation for its beauty and bounty. The intensity and frequency of climatic changes and natural disasters will depend upon the kind of energy people emit into the atmosphere. In line with the Law of Cause and Effect,negative thoughts and feelings will produce destructive effects, while positive ones effect constructive results. What occurs on our planet is up to us. The more we can live in accordance with the Law of Loveand the Law of the Right Use of Energy, the more we will venerate the gift of life and the divinity inherent in all form. This will prompt us to use our energy in constructive “pro life” ways that promote peace, preserve and protect the environment and improve health

Mother Mary blesses you and wishes everyone a peaceful, joy filled holiday season filled with giving.  In closing, she urges all of us to make a New Year's Resolution to carry over the spirit of giving in as unconditional a way as possible in thought, word, deed and action in the coming year.

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