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Virginia Virgil of Rumney, N.H., is a Marian messenger, speaker, spiritual teacher and intuitive counselor. She teaches a class in the lifelong learning program that is affiliated with Dartmouth College and gives Life Purpose telephone readings utilizing Mother Mary’s wisdom and guidance specific to each client caller.

A Holiday Message From Mother Mary - 1998

I would like to share a message with you that had been given to me regarding this Holiday Season. Mary’s intention is to help us focus more on the spiritual rather than on the material aspect of Christmas and New Year’s.

Christmas time embodies a momentum of energy that has been accruing for more than 2000 years. It is not only associated with the birth of Jesus, but also with charitable or heartfelt giving to family, friends and those in need. Most importantly, the entire Holiday Season can be thought of as an opportune time to acknowledge the gifts sent to us by God through the Holy Family and to express our appreciation to Joseph, Mary and Jesus for being the bearers of these Divine Gifts. We can thank Joseph and Mary for showing us how to be light-filled parents and how to become the living embodiments of the Immaculate Concept by seeing only the Goodness, Beauty, Purity and Intelligence of the God Light in all form. Mother Mary deserves our credit for anchoring the Mother Aspect of God to Earth and for carrying on the work of the Christian Dispensation after Jesus ascended. Jesus can be thanked for using His Light to eradicate the overwhelming momentum of negativity that enveloped the four lower planes – earth, mental, etheric and emotional – at that point in time. Also, we can be grateful to Him for speaking the facets of Divine Truth through the parables He shared with us. But most of all, we can thank Him for demonstrating to us how to live as Christ Conscious Beings in human form and for emphatically telling us that we too have the same capability.

Mother Mary suggests that we start to associate the Holidays or Days of Holiness with the Days of Wholeness, in which we make an effort to draw closer to the God Presence in our heart. She reminds us that the wholeness we seek is spiritual rather than material and that it is ours for the asking. Mother Mary urges us to try and become a heart-centered being as soon as possible in order to bring our ego into closer proximity to the God Presence in our heart, so that the intimacy and comraderie can be established between the two. She emphasizes that once we have developed the ability to heart-center our thought and feeling energies, they become connected to our Tri-fold Flame and our ego will be tied to our Christ Conscious Self. Then like Jesus, we can live as a Christ Conscious Being expanding Divine Light and Love through our service. She notes that when our ego has established its relationship with our Christ Conscious Self, we, like Jesus, will be able to experience and express Divine Will, Wisdom and Love in all that we see, say, do, think and feel.

Mother Mary suggests that we think of “Christmas” as a time to celebrate and honor our Christ Conscious Self by performing a daily mass of acknowledging and paying homage to this higher aspect of self. It also gives us an opportunity to express our gratitude to our Christ Conscious Self for all the good It continually does on our behalf on the inner planes while It waits for us to become heart-centered. Then our ego, once again, can become Its worldly representative in action.

All of the spiritual holiday preparation will help us to better focus on the New Years resolutions we plan to make. The credo for the New Year is to concentrate on striving to live in greater accordance with the Seven Cosmic Laws that govern life on earth, as well as on performing spiritual service. Therefore, our New Year’s resolutions should be focused on purifying and balancing our thought and feeling energies:

Resolving to practice heart-centering these energies will help is to attain the state of androgyny that is needed to achieve spiritual balance. A synthesis of their energies will enable our mental and emotional bodies to work together in spiritual unity, harmony and cooperation.

Resolving to listen to and follow our soul’s voice of intuition, which speaks to us from our heart. This will facilitate our spiritual balancing process.

Resolving to live in greater accordance with any one of the Seven Cosmic Laws. Making a conscious effort to incorporate the God Qualities of these Laws embody will speed up our spiritual purification process. The good news is that once we utilize on a conscious level any one of the Seven Cosmic Laws and the God Qualities It embodies, we automatically utilize the other six. The purification process then becomes visible and not quite so overwhelming and unattainable.

Lastly, we can resolve to better serve God by acknowledging the Divine Energy in all form, both animate and inanimate, by interacting with it in greater love and respect. This is a way of expressing our gratitude to everything that makes our lives easier and more comfortable.

Mother Mary ends Her message with the remarks about our future. She informs us that the vibrations of earth will continue to rise and that our own must keep spiritual pace if we wish to survive and thrive. She states that we must depend on the God Within instead of outer sources – people, places, conditions and things – to supply our needs on a permanent basis. The traditional external props that we relied upon in the past for protection, guidance and comfort will no longer be sufficient to fill our needs.

Mother Mary also points out that all of us will be facing more and more challenging life experiences more frequently.  We do not realize that our spiritual mettle is being tested to gauge the strength of our spiritual character. She further notes that how we interpret, act and react to our life experiences is our free will choice. Continuing to play the role of victim and blaming outer sources for our unhappiness will only impede and retard our spiritual progress, which will make us lag further behind. However, when we perceive our life experiences as spiritual learning lessons that give us an opportunity to grow, repay our karmic debts and live by the “Golden Rule”, we increase our spiritual enlightenment and raise our vibrations. She emphasizes that our continued state of well-being depends entirely upon how much responsibility we are willing to assume and how open we are to viewing and handling our life experiences with spiritual insight. The sooner we learn to forgive outer sources for refusing or being unable to always meet our needs our way, the faster we will experience freedom from laggard limitation and discord. We will then be at liberty to devote our time and energy to completing our Divine Embodiment Plan of spiritual growth and service.

Mother Mary wishes everyone a joyous season of Holy-Days filled with Light and Love.

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