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Precious Child CD mp3's

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Experience the love and acceptance you've longed for.

Be happier! Be more successful in your love relationships and in your career!

Become a better parent to your growing and adult children!

Inspiration truly flowed through Connie in the words for Precious Child – Loving Reparenting. As you close your eyes and let the words sink in, you will be washed over with Mother’s Love and all of the things you would have loved for your Mother and Father to speak to you when you were so young – all the things you so wish you could say to your own children, but can’t find the voice. Soothing music at a heart/brain rate of 60 beats a minute is the background for Precious Child  - scientifically proven over many years to open your mind to rapid and thorough new learnings – allowing the message of Mother’s Love to pour quickly and deeply inside and become part of you.

Psychologists and sociologists emphasize that “feeling a lack of Mother’s love” is a universal theme in people’s inability to build and maintain beautiful, strong, loving relationships with a spouse and with their children. Do you know anyone who’s gone from one disappointing relationship to the next and then the next? Or someone who can never find a job where their boss (or co-workers) understand and respect you the way they should? Is it you? Someone you love?

Yes, that same feeling of “Mother wasn’t there for me” carries over into self-sabotaging  behaviors stemming from our own unworthiness and lack of self-love. It keeps us undermining ourselves in subtle little ways and in big dramatic ways as we work hard for success in our careers, our love relationships and in our family lives. But so often we just can’t help ourselves from “doing something stupid and unthinking”  -  that ruins a budding relationship -  or that makes a boss, client or customer think we’re not worthy of her/his trust  -  or that makes a young child run screaming, “I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!” – or that drives an adult daughter or son away from the love and encouragement you so much wish to give.

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Applications for Precious Child - Loving Reparenting

  • Developing self-love and acceptance
  • Healing present and past relationships
  • Healing the dysfunctional messages of early childhood.
  • Confidence-building for those who were abused, abandoned, neglected or misunderstood.
  • For teachers or therapists
  • For massage therapy clients
  • For hospital / hospice patients
  • For family bed-time listening


Precious Child is available as downloadable mp3 files and will be available in April on CD and with 2 booklets.


Listen to a short clip from Precious Child - female voiceListen to Female Precious Child

Length: 1 min. 16 sec.


Listen to a short clip from Precious Child - male voiceListen to Male Precious Child

Length: 50 sec.


Listen to a short clip from You Are The Gift Listen to You Are the Gift

Length: 2 min. :44 sec.


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Precious Child spoken by a Female Voice, just $5.97
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Precious Child spoken by a Male Voice, just $4.97
This version is read by a loving, trust-building male voice and has a few minor changes in wording to suit the context. Quite a few people have had very difficult relationships with their mothers and find hearing a male voice cuts through a barrier to “the sound of Mother.” The reverse can be true when you’ve had difficult relationships with Father or with other men. People have had wonderful results using both versions together as well.
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You Are The Gift - Modern Miracles and Gifts of the Spirit,  just $3.97
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