Wake Up Laughing

“This book is exciting, warm and captivating. It presents Sai Baba and His teachings in such a loving, humorous and welcoming way. It is wonderful! It will be a great teaching book that will help to awaken many to the truth of their divinity.” Dr. Gloria Ryder, Psychotherapist and Author of Destiny in the Wind

“Connie’s book brought tears to my eyes as her compelling stories opened my heart. Having personally visited Sai Baba’s ashram, I know the power He bestows on His devotees and Connie is powerfully blessed with His grace. This book is a testimony of her devotion and dedication in her service to uplift the consciousness of mankind into love and peace.”
Patrisha Richardson, TV Talk Show Host and Executive Producer, Mystic Insights; author of Transforming Darkness Into Light.

“It is an adventure story – suspenseful and full of action; it is a love story – bringing tears to the eyes. The descriptions are superb and the themes of Sai Baba’s teachings serve as pegs for telling the story. This book is a spiritual treasure.”   Dr. Betty Broadhurst, Professor Emeritus, School of Social Work, Colorado State University

“108 thumbs up for Wake Up Laughing – My Miraculous Life With Sai Baba. Indeed, ‘God is alive, magic is afoot.’ Throughout this book, Sai Baba’s omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence come vividly to the fore. One could sit at Connie Shaw’s knee eternally – wowing and laughing, listening to her compelling adventures.” Sandy Karng, Author, Poet, Talk Show Host, Wednesday Morning Alternative, KGNU Radio, Boulder, Colorado

“How remarkable to find that one woman’s worldwide journey through the maze of historical and mainstream spiritual modalities is ultimately rewarded when she locates, in India, the divine planetary Avatar, Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Each spell-binding  story reveals Sai’s “footprints in the sand” throughout Connie’s life. I laughed in joyous wonder at Connie’s journey and wept in heart-felt recognition of the divinity, love and truth He embodies in the Oneness of life in which we all live and have our Being.” Jean Peterson, Author of Return to Oneness 

“This book shows how to draw on the power and wisdom of one’s higher Self. I strongly recommend the reading of this book.” Rev. Robert Pipes, Baptist Minister and Author of
What Every Woman Needs to Know About Her Black Man.

“Totally captivating. It touches the deep heart and nurtures the soul. Like the morning sun, she, too, enlightens and enlivens our journey together to God.” Barry Berns, M.D., Author of the forthcoming book, Path of Remembrance

“Connie demonstrates fearless courage and strength throughout her book. We observe her metamorphosis as she pursues her Teacher and path…Connie, thank you for reminding us that we are all on this path together. Your having written Wake Up Laughing is a truly wonderful way to ‘love all and serve all.’” Pat Fregia, Co-author of Know Your Dreams, Know Yourself.

480 pages - color photos - 6" X 9"

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