Surviving Kundalini Activation

An Interfaith Spiritual Podcast
by Connie Shaw
Copyright 2008 Connie B. Shaw


Connie Shaw

Introduction by Jim Wright: Connie B. Shaw is an international speaker, author, workshop facilitator, retreat leader and media guest. Her own spiritual work over the past thirty years has included being a serious student of  A Course in Miracles, being a meditator, leading weekly spiritual study groups, being a student and teacher of the Byron Katie Work, and having shepherded forty-one interfaith groups of pilgrims to India without charge.


Some abilities or gifts may appear only temporarily or intermittently before they become stabilized. Their arrival can be quite disconcerting or startling, especially if a person has no frame of reference for the phenomena and has no access to a teacher or guide.
The most typical aspects might be any or all of the following:

  • Telepathy; thought-reading.
  • Seeing auras; perceiving a nimbus or halo around oneself or others.
  • Hearing the Music of the Spheres or Celestial Music.
  • Seeing onself disappear or partially disappear, then reappear.
  • Seeing others disappear.
  • Increased perception of luminosity in others.
  • Seeing shimmering lights around others or oneself.
  • Seeing light emitted from one’s palms or chakras or mouth when speaking.
  • Soul-reading: Seeing deeply into a person’s path, tendencies, karma.
  • Knowing the future through dreams, visions, feelings.
  • Seeing the world of form appearing as a photographic negative, as reversed light.
  • Seeing the “grid” via tiny dots of yellow, pink or blue on a gossamer fabric (the web of life).
  • Reading the thoughts and conditions of animals.
  • Having the ability to read past lives or the Akashic Records.
  • Levitation.
  • Bi-location.
  • The ability to resurrect those who have died.
  • X-ray vision.
  • Hearing locutional messages.
  • Seeing visions or apparitions.
  • Attracting “wild” animals who become tame in one’s presence.
  • Huge creative outpourings.
  • Inspired poetry, song, inventions, art, formulas, dance/choreography, books, scientific breakthroughs.
  • Access to unknown languages.
  • The ability to formulate and to convey sage advice on various topics.
  • Piercing eyes which see deeply beyond the physical realm.
  • Each etheric ray type will have its tendencies and aspects.
  • Hearing the Inner Voice or Antar Vani, or the voice of one’s Guru or spiritual Teacher. Famous author and Teacher Eckhart Tolle (“The Power of Now”; “Stillness Speaks”) tells about having become sufficiently “disabled” by his process of awakening that he was unable to work for nearly two years. He became virtually homeless and spent long hours each day staring  ahead on a park bench, totally absorbed in the present. When his process matured, he became inspired to counsel people, to write brilliant books and to teach internationally. But he had to be extremely patient with himself and his spiritual maturation.
  • Spiritual Fragrances, Scents, Odors: There are three distinct categories of fragrances which I have personally experienced during Kundalini episodes.
    • Various fragrances have emitted from my chakras during meditation. As many as seven fragrances have emerged simultaneously. For example, there have been releases of scents which resembled lilies of the valley; cinnamon; rose; violets; amrit  vibhuti. The fragrance has gently “shot or spurted” out of the midline of the body, then formed a “smoke-ring” of hovering energy entirely around the body. The various fragrances hovered one above the other in a “stack” and lasted for thirty to sixty minutes. I wear no perfumes or fragrances, nor do I used scented products such as hand-creams or essential oils.
    • On numerous occasions I have smelled rose, jasmine, vibhuti or amrit fragrances as they have either surrounded my form as I was walking outside (even in snowy winter) or presented themselves in front of my face, in a “fragrance packet.”
    • The most recent phenomenon, however, strikes me as very amusing. It involves picking up people’s thoughts about what they wish to cook or to eat. For example, imagine that a friend and I are taking a walk together. She begins to think how enjoyable it would be to spontaneously invite me over for lunch. She imagines the foods she has in her fridge, then contemplates, for example, cooking potato and vegetable curry. The whole scene would immediately be transferred to my empty mind, along with the smells of the cooking curry, the taste of the curry, and her emotions of anticipation that I would be free to come on the spur of the moment and that I would accept the invitation and enjoy her cooking!

Recently as my friend Jackie and I were leaving a museum around 10:30 in the morning she considered the scene just described – in her mind. She began to smile and           to become very animated. The conversation went something like this:

Jackie: Connie! I’m getting an idea. Why don’t we just dash over to my house and I’ll cook up a nice little lunch for us? You don’t have to get back right away do you? I hope you’ll like my cooking. Can you come? Please say yes! Guess what I was thinking of preparing?
Connie: Potato curry.
Jackie: Yes! How did you know?
Connie: Because as soon as we walked outside the museum I started getting vivid images of you checking your refrigerator mentally, cooking the dish, thinking of inviting me, hoping that I’d accept, and scenes of our eating together and both enjoying the dish! I could vividly smell it cooking and could taste it in my mouth. It’s going to be delicious! But please keep my portion mildly-spiced!
Jackie: You’re too much! What are you going to come up with next?! Now you’re reading my mind and even sampling my cooking as I’m preparing it in my imagination.
Connie: That’s because I try to keep my mind clear and receptive to God’s Guidance and because you’re such a good, strong image-sender, I accidentally picked up your thoughts. But don’t worry, I’m not a thought-snoop; besides, most people’s thoughts aren’t that interesting, just as their conversations aren’t exactly riveting. Except for yours, which is why  I enjoy being with you.

  • Past-Life Recall: Seeing previous incarnations; dreaming of prior traumatic deaths. Also in this category would be becoming aware of past and present karmic debts and of karmic ties with those who had played the roles of loved ones, friends or “enemies” in past lives.



There are hundreds of ways to get relief from the intensity of Kundalini energies. A few of the more obvious and accessible ones follow.

    • Avoid shocks and annoyances to the body, mind and emotions, such as  bright lights, loud noise, hot or spicy foods, stress, crowds, parties, drugs, alcohol, strong smells, smoky rooms, harsh people.
    • Ensure that you drink eight to ten glasses of water a day to stay hydrated.
    • Place your feet on a large cobblestone or river rock to draw out heat from from the body.
    • Be aware that women with activated Kundalini can “drive men mad” with desire.
    • Avoid sexuality when your Kundalini is active. Your activated Kundalini can actually shock people who try to fondle or to embrace you. A woman that I know suddenly developed activated Kundalini and when her husband came up behind her to give her a surprise hug, the energy knocked him backwards and he entered a comatose state. The potential shock-power of Kundalini is one reason that saints do not allow others to embrace them.
    • Eat fresh, juicy foods and pursue a bland diet.
    • Take hot or cold showers to stay grounded.
    • Walk outside on the earth at least once a day.
    • Place your feet on a large amethyst crystal or geode to ground yourself.
    • Listen to spiritually uplifting music to restore harmony.
    • Sit beside a stream, river or a lake to smooth your energies.
    • Sit in front of a campfire, fireplace or even a candle to deepen your focus.
    • Chant a mantra.
    • Observe the breath.
    • Do yoga asanas or stretches to keep the energies flowing.
    • Read spiritual literature that appeals to you.
    • Ask friends and family to be patient and compassionate with you. The process can take decades to resolve.
    • Be patient with yourself. Don’t think of this situation or process as “being sick” but realize that it’s a graduation that has been hard-won from many prior lifetimes of spiritual discipline, devotion, selfless service.
    • Don’t be tempted to feel superior, martyred, special or unusual. This is a natural process of human evolution into a more evolved state wherein you can render more service to your brothers and sisters who haven’t yet reached this phase.
    • Give thanks daily for your insights and increasing capacities to give and to receive Love.